More – A Site Providing A Colorful Experience

  • October 12, 2009

MyHexColor.comMyHexColor is a project that has been conceived, fashioned, and developed by designers and web developers coming from the Netherlands. These professionals are exploring a very interesting topic: what colors mean to people.

Although it sounds as a psychological experiment, this site seems to be a good source of information for users to learn about the subject.

Scientists already know that colors are important for human beings due to the fact that they trigger different feeling s and emotions. Some colors make us feel more comfortable, calm or peaceful, while others make us be aware of any possible danger.

This site presents a quite interesting way to analyze the way you behave in relation to different colors. How? Simply by giving you the chance to choose any color, pay a small amount for it and link it to your own website after you name it. To a certain extent this is a peculiar way to give each color an identity.

This experience tries to see which the most popular colors are, as well as what names are the ones that are mostly related to them. Each color you purchase will be yours and will provide your site with more information about it. As a research this solution has worked pretty well so far. Users can be benefited with it as well as they can contribute with their opinions and experiences at

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More – Open-Source Code Editor

  • May 29, 2009

ECoder.GMeditor.comThere are so many applications, solutions, and tools you can find on the internet that you can virtually get whatever you need in a couple of clicks.

No matter what task you need to perform, you will find an application that will help you to achieve your tasks in a very professional way.

Ecoder is a website that gives you an interesting service. This site works as an open-source code editor that was created in order give users the chance to employ a real-time color syntax highlighting. In this way users will be able to edit a wide range of documents in a straightforward way. This is an online service that will improve your editing performance. Ecoder works with different high-standard browsers that were designed with Javascript features.

This is an online resource that is very simple to use, and that includes a web-based code editor, with a file browser, as well as a file uploader. In this way you will have the chance to edit a wide number of files at the same time. This is a web-application that gives developers the chance to edit code directly online, in a real-time.

In case you think that this could be an interesting solution for you to improve the way you work, this is the right site for you to take a look at.

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More – Learn How To Draw Online

  • May 23, 2009
Pay a visit to if you like drawing or are into art. It is a site with tutorials on how to draw many different themes, from cartoons to pictures of real people.

If you like drawing, or think that you will enjoy it even if your only experience is making some doodles on old notepads while you talked on the phone, is a good place to start. The tutorials are classified in many different themes. Fantasy, Animals, pictures for Kids, and Anime, are some of the included categories. Fiction lovers will find many characters from famous stories; the Monsters section, for example, has sketches and tutorials for learning how to draw pictures of vampires, witches, zombies, werewolves, and other scary creatures.

Kids will probably enjoy the Cartoons category, which includes princesses from Disney or characters from Nickelodeon, among many others. Whatever else you like drawing, whether it is a weapon, a musical instrument or pop culture related images, will be found in the corresponding categories. There is as well a Video section in the menu, which will show you filmed tutorials on how to draw many fictional or real characters. Beyonce Knowles, for example, is drawn in two different videos, so no place for doubts will be left.

The chance to draw as a hobby can provide a great opportunity to relax

from your everyday activity, and may help you to find your inner self

in ways you are not used to. Your mind rests from typical modern grind,

because the possibility of creating has proved to be really

therapeutic. How many books and movies are there about people who have

recovered from some emotional scar by painting or doing some other art?

Certainly a lot, and there must be some reason for it. And maybe you will start looking at art in a different way, more as an insider, after visiting

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More – High Quality Labels

  • May 28, 2008 is the website that provides all the information about these product labels and stickers.

These products are made with high technology and their quality is great. In this site, you will be able to learn all about the benefits of digital label printing. If you are interested in purchasing these products you can request sample and check the quality yourself. You will also find a detailed list that show the four different ways for ordering these products. You can make your orders online, by phone, by email or by mail. Each one of these options offers steps that help customers to make their orders. You can also view the section that contains the frequently asked questions where you can find useful information about these products. The site also offers news that describes some press releases and also provides some articles based on lighting labels. If you are interested in these products visit this site and you will find lots of useful data.

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