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  • August 17, 2010

Kidopo.comKidopo is a site that is aimed at the little stars of the household. The site includes content that they are going to enjoy from start to finish such as coloring pages that can be both colored online and printed at no cost, while it also has a good range of arcade games that can be tried for free.

The coloring pages that you can find on the site are arranged thematically, and right now you will be able to find both “Summer” and “Back To School” pages, ready to be used.

Also, the site has a “Crafts” section where children can learn everything from how to make gingernut biscuits to origami cranes and tissue paper stars.

As you can see, the site offers are more than enough activities to keep children happy and also nurtured during these long summer afternoons. Again – it is all available at just no cost. If you think that your children could benefit from any of the games or activities that were described above, simply head straight to the site and leave it to them.

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More – Young Deer Hunters

  • July 5, 2008

YoungBucksOutdoors.comNot quite Sesame Street, but close to: is home for the children’s area of Buckmasters, one of the most prestigious deer hunting and fishing magazines in the US.

Visit this site to find informative resources for young audiences (4-teen) to introduce them to hunting and related outdoor sports; extensive profiles of young hunters and stories of their trips (with photos of the preys) can be read online. You’ll also be able to find educational information designed to let kids know scientific facts about why deer have antlers, why their coats are different colours, and also how to track their signs and steps when in the woods or in the snow. Coloring pages and games are also available from the site, and will prove of interest for the youngest audiences. Also very interesting about is that parents will find information on kids’ books that deal with these and other hunting-related topics, and also links to buy them from the Buckmasters site.

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More – Coloring Pages & Activities

  • January 28, 2008 is a center of resources mainly for parents of children of preschool thru Grade 5.

In it, users will be able to find an extensive archive of A4 coloring pages, tidily sorted into several categories, like characters (Sesame Street, Barney, Scooby Doo), Holidays (Valentine, Easter, St. Patrick’s, etc), nature, transportation, and other stuff as well. Take a look at the activity sheets, which include fun printable games, like connecting the dots, word puzzles and maze games. The site also carries some online games (both educational and for fun too), plus an extensive Parents area, which aims to provide resources for parents trying to teach their children how to write and read, teach them math, or help them get the habit of doing homework or enjoying reading for fun. Because the resources this site offers are so extensive and so pedagogically-correct, it is possible that parents and teachers from very diverse backgrounds can take advantage of these, which can be of great help during a long period of a child’s life.

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