More – A Tool For The Tracking Of Time

  • November 18, 2009

Colorhat.comColorhat can be termed a tool for the tracking and management of time. It is a simple and accessible tool which is meant to be usable for just everyone, no matter if they are a student, a teacher, a software developer, a businessman or simply someone who wants to keep track of his hobbies and training sessions.

Features include a graphical statistical overview, different input methods (including a slider that can be dragged into position) and a stop watch that can be employed at will.

Upcoming features will include an export functionality to popular formats and an external API for those who want to delve into the mechanics of this application.

At the end of the day, it is just like the programmers told me: “Colorhat might not be a real killer in terms of popularity. However we think it is a useful application. Which we use everyday ourselves. And we believe others may find it useful too.” I agree with that, and I think it is always good to have as many options available as possible. And when it comes to tracking your time and watching where it goes, this is a very valid option indeed.

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