More – Test Website Color Combinations

  • October 13, 2008

ColorCombos.comColorCombos is a service that is geared towards web developers. The basic premise is to allow these individuals try out how different color combinations will work together on the screen.

Navigation is made suppler via the provided color tags, which enable the user to look up different color schemes on the fly.

Furthermore, those who are looking for color combination ideas can resort to the featured combo library, a collection of color swatches which comes together with their color hex values.

For its part, the latest color combos are prominently featured on the main page along with random combos. A “Search combo library” is likewise provided, and a search can be carried out either by color or by hex value.

The site also comes complete with a color grabbing tool whereby the user can provide a URL and seize its color combination for reference purposes and further experimentation.

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