More – Telling Your Friends Where You Will Be

  • October 25, 2010

Coloci.comColoci provides quite a practical service: letting you tell you fiends where you are going to be at a later date. That is, you will be able to tell your acquaintances about any trip that you are undertaking, or about and event you are going to attend so that they will be able to know where to find you. By making that information readily available, you will be giving them a chance of meeting up with you more easily.

And that is even truer when we think that notifications can be set down and put your way – the provided radar can notify you when anybody has moved within range.

Coloci is absolutely free. You can sign up in just a couple of minutes, and then proceed to invite all the friends that you have spread the width and breadth of the Social Web. And like most other social services, you will actually be able to make new connections based on the friends that you already have. It’s just a matter on exploring what you have in common and determining who would make for a nice conversation.

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