More – A Social Network For College Students

  • August 27, 2010

CollegeOnly.comI am sure mostly everybody knows that Facebook originated as a network for college students only and then it moved well beyond these boundaries, becoming a space for just everybody to interact with others. And those who don’t know as much are sure to do as they go and watch “The Social Network”.

College Only is a networking site that aims to recapture Facebook’s original fire by letting students and nobody else interact through it. This means that your mom won’t be able to befriend you, and neither will your boss. The only people who can connect with you are your fellow classmates, and people who attend the same college that you do. You will be able to share all the data that you regularly share on Facebook without having to create subgroups to ensure that your parents or your employers won’t see it.

The one requisite for joining is having a university e-mail address. If you do, then you can consider yourself already in.

A specialized network like this one caters to a demographic that it is underserved. That is amazing when we remember that Facebook was started as a network of such nature and nothing else. It looks like the time is finally ripe for everything to come full circle.

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