More – Jobs For Undergraduates

  • October 25, 2010

CollegeJobConnect.comCollegeJobConnect delivers exactly what its name suggests – jobs for those who are in College. Its creators actually compare it with a dating site that connects undergraduates with employers. The analogy is not wrong, but I think it’s better to simply call it a career network designed for college students.

Through the site, students can look for jobs all over the country. Anybody can research the jobs that are posted, and when he comes across any position that seems promising then it is a mere matter of applying for that job. The employer will receive the CV directly, and if he believes that the student has got all the necessary qualifications then an interview will be arranged to get to know the candidate better.

And something that is quite neat is that students can save these positions that they like in their accounts, and check them back at a later time. Student accounts, by the way, are created absolutely for free.

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