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  • May 8, 2008

Collegedowntime.comIf you are young (or at least young at heart), doesn’t matter if you are in college or not, you will sure find some interesting and fun stuff on this site. This website was launched in 2003 and since then, their goal hasn’t change: provide a complete and vast source of entertainment to all the college community.

Here you will find news, medias, and resources about the topics that interest the most to guys in college: movies, games, music, celebs, booze, and girls. All the latest movies are reviewed here, with pictures and videos. Also, all the upcoming movies are previewed, with trailers and related news. The same for music and games (computer, Playstation, WII, Xbox, etc.). The website is updated daily, and more than 100 new files are added everyday. You can also find here booze games, party ideas, funny pics and videos, forums, contests, sex moves, and dating services.

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