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More – Everything for Your Dorm Room

  • October 9, 2008

CollegePad.comIf you’re a college student who wants their new place to have a little personality and a lot of college type flare, you should take a look at what has to offer CollegePad.

com is a lively and active all-in-one store that offers everything a college student would want in their dorm room or apartment. On this site you’ll be able to find all sorts of items that will help you make your new living space the envy of the campus. From ‘Move In Day’ where students are looking to decorate their dorm room with posters, lights, rugs, furniture, and a variety of college style decorations, to a site which carries all the latest weekend party gear like beer pong tables. If you can’t get it on it doesn’t belong at college. distances itself from your typical site which aims to sell posters to college students because it offers so much more than just that. combines all the great party items with college decorations into one easy to shop site.

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More – All You Need for College

  • December 3, 2007 is not only an enormous warehouse of textbooks, it also provides you access to products and services from partners, as well as to over 900 brick-and-mortar bookstores.

All the same bookstores you’ll find on your campus. That means, depending on what you’re getting, it could come from several places. Some of the items in your order may be fulfilled from their warehouse inventory, shipped from one of the carefully selected partners, or even picked up at/or shipped from your campus bookstore. Every time you select a campus you’re actually shopping at your local bookstore. Orders with things from a bookstore, like textbooks and sweatshirts, are taken off the shelf and fulfilled from that bookstore. This is the way they do it because your campus bookstore is the best source for textbook and merchandise specific to your campus. Enter and order all you need for college.

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