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More – Minnesota’s Amateur Wrestling

  • June 18, 2008

TheGuillotine.comThough it focuses in the Minnesota wresting scene, The Guillotine is certainly a site of interest for fans of this sport regardless of where they come from or are headed to. It aggregates news from different paper and digital news outlets covering the sport and its most relevant figures, and of course presents results from local high schools and colleges as well, together with individual ratings.

Most of the news are in text format, but galleries are also available, which raises the point of design; could definitely use some help in this area, as it would be nice to see a highlights section where site visitors could learn in a glance who the movers and shakers in the local scene are, or maybe allow them to see the galleries as slideshows. Subscriptions for the paper edition are available through the site, but it would be great if RSS features were added, as this would allow people to be updated on latest results and news. A very useful area of the site is the one to be found under the ‘links’ tag, where a directory of must-reads for the wresting scene is featured, though it could be interesting to get some suggestions as to what the most interesting are, or maybe a couple of lines per link explaining what the most salient features about each site are.

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More – The Site For College Sports Fans

  • April 6, 2008 is a web site specially created for college sports fans.

Several entertaining features are offered on the site for you to have a good time when visiting it. For you to make use of the features provided, you should first sign up; it is free and fast. After registering you can use your personal tool bar to upload photos, videos, links and you can easily share comments with other members of the community. You can use your connections to easily communicate with both rivals and friends and discuss and share your opinions. On the site, you will as well have the possibility of creating your own polls to see where your team should be ranked. On the blogs displayed you can speak your mind and share with others your points of view, but have in mind that your enemies can through bombs at you, so be careful. Finally, you will find the latest news regarding your favorite team so as to keep updated; if you are a sports fan, there is no other site to visit rather than this one.

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More – College and High School Sports

  • January 29, 2008

www.Scout.comAre you a fan of college and high school sports? Then you should visit this site. Scout.

com is a sports publishing company that consists of two separate divisions that work closely together to deliver a unique and highly integrated Internet and print product offering. The Internet publishing division consists of a network which contains more than 300 web sites that publish inside and exclusive content that focus on College, NFL, MLB, High School and other professional team sports. What is more, the site allows publishers to rapidly write and distribute syndicate stories and information about sports from anywhere in the world. An interesting fact is that this company produces 45 of the most widely read independent college and professional team focused magazines in the country. Moreover, the site also offers a search engine for you to go straight to get the information of the topic you are interested in related to sports in an easy and fast way.

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