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  • March 11, 2008

CourseWork.infoAre deadlines chasing you? Still haven’t figured out a meaningful topic to write about in your college essay? Before you succumb to the temptation of having it custom-made by a ghost writer (leave that for your memoires), try to get some inspiration from the many study aids and guides the internet has to offer. CourseWork.

info is one of them: a huge database of papers and researches from the UK (highschool thru university levels), which you can skim around to get some inspiration and pave the way to your own paper. is not free: in order to take a look at the material available, you’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription, or even better: trade your existing essays to get limited-time access. Here’s how this site works: you can peruse around the different levels and subjects the site is organized into. Once you find a title that might be of interest, click to that, and you’ll see a 150-word summary plus an overview of the document (the print is too small to read, but at least you can check if there are any charts or diagrams); in order to get see it in full length or download a Word file of the work, you can pay for the subscription, or upload the papers you have written for school or university at some point in your life; these materials get reviewed by the site’s staff, and if they are ok (they carefully check for plagiarism), you get three days of access to the site per approved paper, so it’s a great way to start publishing your works and get an objective benefit from it.

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  • February 24, 2008

AntiEssays.comDo you want to learn how to write an essay? Are you looking for free essays online? Then, in case you are interested in getting a free research paper, you will find a good site to visit. This is the official website of Anti Essays, which was created to give people the chance to get free essays online. This site is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to writing essays for college.

Moreover, there are different benefits provided by when it comes to college essays. In addition, this site features essays and you can choose from many essay topics. What is more, the site lets you download a free research paper or a custom essay.

In conclusion, in case you are interested in learning how to write a research paper or how to write an essay, you will find a useful site to visit.

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