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  • September 15, 2007

www.CollegeHumor.comLooking for funny stuff? has everything related to entertainment for college students.

This website includes videos, pictures, games, girls’ photos, articles, celebrity gossip, students’ made videos, and much more. Searching for info is easy and if you just want to check out what’s going on in one specific school you only have to go into that school’s link. You can comment on almost everything that is published and there’s also a blog for film students available. If you get the CH account you can upload your own pictures, videos or hotlinks and if you don’t want to miss the funniest videos, you just need to signup for the newsletter and you’ll receive a weekly digest of the best videos. Girls are able to apply for being “the next cute college girl of the day” with the opportunity to win $50. You can also take a look on the current contests and if you decide to take part you’ll be able to win many prices: DVD’s copies, iPod Videos, iPod Hi-Fis, $100 in iTunes, iPhones, big-screen flat-screen TVs, as well as some money.

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