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  • May 5, 2008

Galleryone.comAt you will find a great list of original paintings, sculpture, books, collector plates, and porcelain figurines, among others.

Some of the quick links you can access at the site are: Bateman, Brenders, Brown, Bullas, Christensen, Davis, Doolittle, Garmash, Hanks, Harper, Isaac, Kinkade, Lyman, Morrissey, Olsen, Phillips, Sabzi, Smith, Terpning, Weiss, etc. At the web site you will see a complete directory with artists, such as: Armstrong, Atkinson, Auster, Bama, Barnhouse, Dafeng, Dickson, Duncan, Parson, Murray, Rogers, Roth, Ross, Man, Marris, and many more. They have gift certificates, as well as art show photos available on the site. is an authorized dealer for collector’s editions. Plus, there are some calendars for you to choose from. If you want a piece of art to decorate your house, you should contact them. Visit the site, order what you like the most and ask them to ship it for you.

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