More – Avoid Losing Your Pet

  • January 2, 2012

What about always having peace of mind concerning your pet’s whereabouts? Many dogs or cats like to wander around their home, and this brings always some risks that they get lost. Visit to see a solution to this common situation, that will make both parties happier. The pet will enjoy making its usual rounds on the block and you will be relaxed knowing that you can see where it is at any moment. is a GPS based tracking technology that comes in a small device to attach to your pet’s collar. Its lightweight design will have your dog very comfortable while using it, and it is also waterproof.

Once you order the GPS tracker you will need to create an online account, which you are able to do even before you receive the device. After activating it, you must set a Tagg zone, which works as an electronic fence to define the area in which your cat or dog will be able to move freely. If the furry guy trespasses the defined zone, you will get an automatic text and mail notification to alert you. You can choose one of these options or both of them.

Other features of the product include warnings for when the tracker is running out of batteries (up to thirty days in long lasting batteries, but depending on usage patterns too), and the chance to receive directions on how to reach the location of your pet at any moment. The exact place where your pet is will be shown in the Tagg Map, which you can zoom in, and can be checked on a computer, smartphone or the Tagg mobile app that comes with the product.

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More – Fashion Collars For Your Pet

  • July 28, 2008

HotDogCollars.comThis site is an online store offering a wide variety of collars and other accessories for your pet. Here you will be able to find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about the products and services that they provide.

To search for a collar to purchase you can look on the left hand side of the homepage, where you will be able to shop by theme, type, color, team or price. If not, you can also go through the different categories to find other products such as treats, toys, beds, clothing, bowls, leashes, harness and much more. For more items you can always check out the New Item or Most Popular section or use the search engine bar as well. Every item offered in this site has a photo of what it is, the name, a description and the price next to it. In order to purchase a product you will need to create an account for yourself first. This will allow you to track your order and view the status of it at any time.

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More – Tags And Collars Online

  • June 4, 2008

GoTags.comThis site is an online store that offers a wide variety of tags and collars for your pets. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about the site itself and about the products and services that they provide.

To search for an item in this site you can go through the different categories such as Dog Collars, Cat Collars, Pet ID Tags, Dos Tags, Luggage Tags and License Frames. If not, you can always look in the homepage of this site for new products, featured products or purchase personalized tags or collars as well. Every item in this site has a photo of what it looks like, the name, and the price next to it. You can select to add to the tag the name of your pet, the name of the owner, the address, city, state, and phone number as well. You can also find additional accessories that you can also purchase with the product that you selected.

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More – Gifts For Your Dog

  • March 30, 2008

Lifesadog.comThey say that a dog is mans best friend, that every dog has his day and that it’s a dogs’ life. Do you have a special four legged companion waiting for you when you get home at the end of a long day? Is he your best friend? Would you like to make his day? Would you like to give him a gift to show how important he is in your life? There is a site on the internet for all dog lovers everywhere. claims to be the only lifestyle brand for your dog on the internet. The site contains various different gifts, snacks and accessories for you dog. They also have T-shirts for dog lovers to wear while out walking there pet. You can buy collars, bowls and beds from this site, with the added convenience of getting all products delivered directed to your door. If you are not going to check this site out for you, do it for your dog.

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More – The Dog Supply Store

  • February 24, 2008 is an online retail store with over 10 years of experience that sells items for dogs and their owners.

We dedicate to provide quality products and fun information regarding man’s best friend. The site is outstandingly complete, featuring everything a person can buy for his/her dog. The site also features really interesting information regarding dog training, polls and much more. It also offers its visitors the possibility of subscribing for a daily newsletter for free, and getting access to a highly populated discussion forum that is always full of experts ready to answer your questions or discuss any interesting subject you might have. The site’s interface is delightful, impressively easy to browse or search through with the aid of the powerful search box embedded in the upper left side of the main page.

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