More – Create Collages On Your Ipad

  • January 20, 2012

Mixel.ccMixel is a new iPad app that might as well end up creating a whole new art form. It lets you put together collages with images from your HD, your own Facebook account and from Bing searches. You can mix images in all the ways you want, you can crop them and resize them, you can rotate them and chop them in half. And when you’re finished, your collage will go live for everybody else to see it. And (this is the interesting bit), to keep on remixing it. That’s what tells this app apart: how much it democratizes the creation and adaptation of artistic works. Its builders obviously believe that there’s an artist in everybody, and that everybody’s contribution is as valid as any other person’s. Clearly, its tagline is not “Please touch the art!” for nothing.

Anything that’s shared using Mixel can be viewed by others in a way not that different from how images are shared on a service like Instagram. Collages can be browsed from within the app, you can follow your friends and (once you’ve been using the app for a while) your favorite artists, and all the most popular collages can be viewed together.

Mixel is available for free at the App Store. It’s been developed by Lascaux Co., a team founded by a former New York Times digital design editor (Khoi Vin) and a MIT computer science graduate (Scott Ostler).

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More – Your Facebook Friends In A Poster

  • July 26, 2011

MediaBooze.comWhat value do you place on your Facebook friends? What role do your social network contacts really play in your life? Because if they are a true source of pride and satisfaction, then you can let every person that step into your office or your living room know all about it by using a service like MediaBooze.

Simply put, MediaBooze lets you individualize your top friends on Facebook, and have their images turned into a large poster-sized collage that will be delivered to your front door. This work of art can then be placed wherever others will see it, or wherever it will inspire you. And the site also lets you print it yourself, of course.

If you find this site interesting, you might like to check, a company that provides services quite similar to the ones provided by MediaBooze, and that also has apps for Instagram. And give a look, too. That is a site which lets you take all the photos you have on Facebook and have them printed in the easiest way of all.

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More – Create Poster Collages

  • February 14, 2011

PosterMyWall.comPoster My Wall gives those among us who are not really that skilled when it comes to editing images the chance to create elaborate photo collages. And we are actually talking about poster-sized collages that will de delivered straight to our doorsteps.

All you have to do is upload the images that you would like to have used as part of the collage for it to be created, printed and sent your way.

The pictures themselves can be taken both from your own Facebook account, and from the albums of your friends. Any photo that you choose can be processed in lots of ways – you can apply effects such as soft edges and borders to them in order to make them look exactly like you want.

Several generic background are provided for free, for you to use right away. Yet, you are actually allowed to submit one yourself in the event you want to keep everything as personalized as possible.

Right now, an 8×12 poster costs $ 7.50; a 20×30 poster retails at $ 14.95 and a 24×36 is priced $ 24.95.

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More – Use Your Photos As A Wallpaper

  • January 19, 2011

Wallcast.comIf you want to have a desktop that tells others about who you are, then this is a service you are going to find really useful. Wallcast can create a photo collage that you can then proceed to have featured as a wallpaper, and let any person who looks over your shoulder know more about you at a mere glance. This will be really useful if you are working at a new place, and you want to give your new coworkers more topics for conversation.

One of the more remarkable aspects of Wallcast is that the photos that are displayed on your new background can actually be updated in real time. That is, if you have a new picture taken with your baby boy and you want others to see it, you can send it to your wallpaper straightaway and have it placed there for all to see.

And you can invite people to send new ones in, too. Each wallcast has an email address associated to it, and that is dedicated solely to receiving photos.

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More – Create Collages & Share Them

  • September 14, 2010

pixSmix.comSome people like to tweet the way they feel. Others might choose to post a video to Facebook that describes their emotions.

No option is “better” than the other, or has a more cathartic effect. It all depends on the individual and the circumstances. Maybe posting a video would work for the person one day, and then the next he would choose to communicate the way he feels by tweeting. But what if there comes a day neither Twitter nor Facebook provide the necessary release? A service such as pixSmix might hold the answer right there and then.

pisSmix lets users create a photo collage describing how they are feeling, and then have it posted to other social sites. These collages are made up of 12 pictures that the user chooses from several which are provided at random, and he places them in the exact position he wants. And the whole process is started by letting him specify the way he feels – this is done by picking a smiley from the eight that are provided.

So, this site provides people with a different way to channel their emotions. And it must be pointed out that those who sign up for a paid account will be able to upload their own pictures and use them for creating the collage. That would make it possible for them to deal with any specific person or feeling not just directly but also more poignantly.

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More – Trying To Standardize Online Education

  • February 11, 2010

2tor.comEducation startups are easily among my favorite ones if only because they can nurture the minds of tomorrow and equip them with the necessary knowledge for keep going until the path is gone, and then create a new path for those who will come behind to follow. 2tor is quite a comprehensive tool that provides universities with a technology platform that makes for better instruction and the development of offline curricula, supporting students all through the course of their learning until the graduation itself.

Using 2tor schools can create online degrees, and people from all over the country will have ready access to these. Students can take classes online and communicate with each other via chat functionalities, as well as signing up for online office hours. The basis of the whole platform is clearly letting those who use it communicate comprehensively. In more senses than one, this platform resembles a social network like Facebook more than anything else.

By way of conclusion, this is a platform that has the potential to tear down the physical barriers that constrict education and that still stand strong today, such a long time ever since the Internet first surfaced. If it is successful, it can start a true revolution in the way people learn and process knowledge.

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More – Create Your Own Collage Easy & Fast

  • September 15, 2009

ShapeCollage.comWould you like to make a picture montage or a photo collage in your PC? Are you looking for an online collage maker to make a collage with your best photos? Then, might be the right site for you to stop by. Shape Collage is a collage making software that uses an algorithm for automatically arranging photos in a collage.

By visiting you can download this collage maker online for free, and be informed about its features, including the arrange of photos and the creation of collages in different shapes, as well as the generation of super high-resolution images and the ability to handle a thousand of images at the same time.

To sum up, in case you want to create photo collages online, and you are looking for a collage making software to easily make a collage, might be the right site for you to stop by.

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More – Share Your Imagination

  • October 13, 2008

Do you want to edit a picture? Are you looking for a photo editor online? If that is the case, could be of your interest. This site provides you with several image editing tools you can use to make photomontages, create templates, and more. In addition, you can share your work with other members.

Montagraph is a social platform you can join to edit pictures and share them with the other users. This site offers photo editing software you can use to make photo montages, create templates, and collages. You just have to stop by to learn more about this photo editing community.

Do you like to edit pictures? Are you interested in photo montages and collages? Feel free to visit and find out more about this photo editor. By visiting this site you can make photo montages, create templates, and make collages. Then you can share them online.

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More – South West Virginia Community College

  • July 31, 2008 is the official website of the South West Virginia Community College.

On the site you will find all the information you need to know about the college, its careers, and much more. If you are planning on attending this community college, you will first need to find some information about it and you will be able to do it online. On the top left-hand side of the home page you will see the main links; they will allow you to explore the site. You will be able to check out the Admission info, the Students page, Faculty and Staff, Alumni and Friends, and the SVCC and Community news. On the main page you will find an event calendar, the latest news, and more. allows you to buy books online; you can click the Bookstore link for more info. There is also a distance learning option for those who can not go to classes on a regular basis. Check out for more info.

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More – College Loans

  • May 25, 2008

Slfc.comChildren grow up fast, and before you have time to even think about it, they are already in college. We all know how much of a headache an education loan could be; most parents have been there at some point of their lives.

So, if you are looking for some financial assistance in this field, you have just come to the right place. Now paying for college just got a lot easier; Student Loan Finance is a secondary market for students’ loans, providing liquidity for financial institutions and low default rates for institutions of higher education. The goal of this corporation is to ensure that anyone that wants to attend post secondary education has access to adequate financing helpers. Visit the website to learn more about this corporation as well as the participating lenders. You can apply for a loan online; check out the provided loan types. You can visit the website to learn more about this.

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More – Used and Cheap Textbooks

  • March 15, 2008

Collegeswapshop.comGoing to collage is a big investment that represents spending a lot of money. So is a known fact that if you are a collage student you will like to save as much money as you can.

But some times you are forced to spend large amounts of cash in stuff like textbooks and electronic goods. But you don’t need to worry about that any longer; the College Swap Shop web page is the answered to all your problems. This site will give you both the possibility of buying and selling textbooks, so in that way you can get ride of the books you no longer need and also get the best prices for the books you will need in the future. Some of the different categories of subject you can find on this web page are: physics, English, chemistry and more. This web page is completely subjected to the amount of people that sells and buys stuff to them, so if you invite people to join it and if you do it yourself, you can help it grow and become more useful for you and for others. Comparing prices is also a possibility that this site offers. And even though is mostly dedicated to textbooks, you can also buy other collage related stuff.

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More – Cabrillo Community Collage

  • March 12, 2008

Cabrillo.eduIf you live in California and you are seeking for a near by collage you could attend to, you might want to take a look at the Cabrillo web page. On this site you will find all the information you will like to know before you decide which is the perfect school for you.

You can read a list of the different major, degrees and certificate opportunities you will find on this collage. Some of the different options they offer are: history, law, music, sociology and accounting, among many others. You will have the chance of downloading their different brochures and catalogs when you visit this site. All the information you need to know about how to apply and register is also available on this web page. And if you don’t like attending classes or you don’t have enough time, on this site you will also learn all about their distant learning courses. Taking a look at the calendar of events is also a possibility that this web page offers you. A map with directions on how to get there is posted on this site as well.

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More – Get a Loan

  • March 10, 2008

Studentloanprocessors.comIf you will love to send your kids to collage, or you will like to go to one yourself, but you simply can’t do it because you don’t have the money, you shouldn’t worry about it any longer. All you have to do is visit the Student Loan Processors web page and you will find all the information you will like to learn in order to get a loan.

On this site you will have the possibility of reading about the Stafford loans, private loans, plus loans and graduate plus loans. You can learn all about the benefits that each loan will provide you with, the interest rates and the fees. Besides all the data that you can read about loans, on this site you will also find information about monthly savings for graduates and repayment options. When you visit their web page you can also read all the information about this company and how it got started.

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More – Savannah Collage of Arts and Design

  • March 8, 2008

Scad.eduIf you will like to develop a career in the arts and design areas and if you will like to express your creativity in a more professional way, then you should visit the Savannah Collage of Arts and Design, SCAD, web page. On this site you will have the opportunity of finding all the information you will like to know if you are seeking for a place where you can get a degree.

You will have the possibility of reading a lot of information about the university and the facilities, as well as the different degree programs they have. Some of the different degrees you could get on this university are on Graphic Design, Performing Arts, Professional Writing and more. If you will like to apply to this collage, all the information you need to know in order to do so, you can find it on this web page. All the interesting data about the students and the calendars of events is posted on this site as well.

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More – Your Media Your Way

  • February 22, 2008

Qollage.comDo you feel constrained by the forums for sharing images and video? Do you want to think outside the “photo album”? Qollage gives user free reign to display images, text, and video as they please. Everyone begins with a blank palate, and they can add and arrange anything on the screen, in any way they choose.

Final products range from a YouTube video showing an Obama speech and encouraging words next to the image; the process of restoring a local church; and a user’s first thoughts upon arriving in Boston (complete with photos). Not one is marginally similar to the other, but they all feature the same basic elements- image and text.

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More – Create Dynamic Albums

  • December 12, 2007 is a site where you can create media collages to share with your friends.

Sending a bunch of photos to friends can fill up their mailbox, but with Zoomorama you can send them a collage of photos and videos that they will easily be able to open. Once you download the Zoomorama software you can begin to create your album. Add photos and videos and add captions. Once you are done with your album you can zoom in and out o photos along with watching the videos on the album. Users have 2 GO of storage space. You can create as many albums as you want until you have used your maximum storage space. The maximum size capacity for an album is 100Mo. Zoomomail lets you share your albums with your friends. You can easily send your albums created at to all of your contacts. If you want some album ideas browse through the most recent and our favorites section to see how other users have used Zoomorama to create dynamic albums.

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More – Making Scrapbooking More Fun

  • November 20, 2007

Ript.comWould you like to save images and texts you find on Internet quicker? If that is your case, you just have to pay this site a visit. On you can get information on this useful tool to make some kind of scrapbooks. You can drag and drop images or texts from Internet and arrange them in a blank page.

In case you want to create a virtual scrapbook where to put all the images you can find on Internet, you just need to enter this site. provides you with a useful tool to save your favorite images and texts from the web. What is more, with Ript you can edit the text you save.

To sum up, if you want to create a funny to-do-list or a digital scrapbook, enter This site gives you complete data about this scrapbook web application you can download and use with any web browser.

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More – Make Revenue From Your Photos

  • October 20, 2007

Photrade.comDo you think some of your photos are pretty good? Want to make some money off of your talent? Well lets you share your photos with friends and family and it gives you the opportunity to make money from your photographs.

Create an account with and you can easily upload as many photos as you want. You can email you photos to your friends or post them on your blog or social network. Family and friends can pay for prints of your photos. You can earn revenue every time a different person visits your page or clicks on your photo. In order to earn revenue you must make sure that the Ad Revenue button is on in your preferences. People may be interested in buying your photos. In this case you can also choose how much you think your photo is worth and sell them accordingly. has many features which make displaying your photos easy and attractive to others. Other users can comment on your photos, tag them and rate them. Join to become part of a fun photo community and to make some extra cash.

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More – Find the Right Degree For You

  • October 17, 2007

YourDreamDegree.comAre you a High School senior who is unsure of what career he wants to pursue after graduating? Maybe you have wanted to change careers for some time now and want to fin the perfect one for you? Then go to

This website provides you with all the necessary tools to help follow the right path in life. All you have to do is complete the form picking your desired degree, your area of interest, your date of birth, zip code and email address. Once you have completed it, Your Dream Degree will provide you with detailed information a university or school that best matches your search criteria. You will be able to see what kind of degrees it offers the kind of campus life you would live, the price and where it is located. Finally, if you are interested in learning more, you should fill in the form with your information and you will get more tips and offers from the selected university.

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More – Making Collage Affordable

  • October 17, 2007

Upromise.comSaving for collage? offers you the best program to earn, save and pay for your career.

The web page is organized in such a way that you can easily understand the plan they offer. The first step is to earn, by joining Join freely too you can earn rewards for eligible purchases on groceries, gasoline, online shopping and more at over 40,000 participating retail stores and services. It’s a fast and simple way to start saving for college now. Family and friends can join and help out, too, by linking their rewards to your Upromise account. Then, you will start to save, by signing up for a college savings plan with tax benefits and also discovering smart financial and savings tips in the member Resource Center. Finally, you will choose your career and collage and you will be able to pay it and graduate in it. The site also offers you all the information about all the careers available and information for your family and friends.

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