More – Workflows Made Simple

  • November 29, 2010

Coldoro.comColdoro will let you create both state machines and workflows right on your browser, and test them both individually and collectively. That is, when you have created any such workflow you will be allowed to invite other coworkers to help you out in any instance, and determine which improvements are there to be made much faster.

Additionally, you will be allowed to export machine definitions both as Ruby code and SCXML – whatever makes life easier for you, and feels more natural.

Registration to Coldoro comes at no cost. You just have to fill out a short form, and you will be all set to go. But if you want to take a test drive first, you can sign in using a guest account and save yourself the process of registering – even when (I repeat) it is not a hassle. Anyway, I think that giving the provided screencast a look will let you understand the essence of Coldoro more than easily. Just click on the provided link in order to do so.

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