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  • April 14, 2008‘The world is filled with beautiful and good people’, and that’s a motto you should repeat to yourself at regular intervals while visiting this site, a forum where people join to discuss unsolved murders, sexual abuse, and other forms of crime. The idea is that the site can provide an outlet for victims and people who are/were close to them to let know that a case remains unsolved, to post the name of the offender (it is quite startling to see that lots of people posting in this site know very well who the murderer, abuser, criminal is), and to generate awareness around.

A good percentage of the topics dealt with are related to dirty cops and inefficient police officials who won’t do their best to help solve a crime, and there are also lots of policemen who join the forum to discuss the stuff they see in their jobs. Unlike most forums, where you have to look into each discussion board to find what everyone is talking about, this site features a kind of cover page, where you can read some highlighted topics. As is the case with all forums, you can read the site as longs as you like without becoming a member, but you’ll have to sign up for an account to submit a story or your comments.

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