More – Help Charities By Searching The Web

  • July 22, 2010

KindCoins.comDo you want to make the world a better place? If you are interested in making charity and donate to non profit organizations throughout the world, then visit and learn how to help charitable organizations. Kind Coins is a search online platform, created to help people take action and have a positive impact through community service.

Just use as your default search engine, and win coins that can be used to buy acts of kindness. This acts lets individuals make real monetary donations to charitable non profit organizations. If you have a non profit organization or you are leading a charity read how to promote it on this site.

Earn coins for charitable causes simply by using as your search engine. Donate to charitable non profit organizations real money, and help make the world a better place. If you want to make a difference, keep this site in mind.

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More – Shopping The Other Way Around

  • May 5, 2010

CoinMad.comI am not entirely sure how successful this site can become, but you can’t point your finger at CoinMad and accuse it of not being original. It provides an alternative to the way people buy and sell items online that is quite radical.

Let me explain it all to you. Through the site, people can “post” virtual amounts of money in order to be approached by retailers who want to dispose of something. That is, the site reverses the way people have traditionally shopped online – they make clear how much they are ready to spend on anything, and then they are contacted by these retailers that deem the price the individuals posted to begin with as a fair one.

In the site’s parlance, these amounts are “coins”. And the fact of posting them online is referred to as the act of “inserting coins”. The opposite concept is that of “grabbing coins” – it stands as the act of contacting someone who has inserted coins in order to make a deal and grab the money.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t know whether or not this will make history. But it is good to see new, different approaches to something as tried and tested as eCommerce.

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More – Find What Is Valuable And What Is Not

  • April 13, 2010

WebbChange.comUntil now, there has not been a definitive framework for expressing how much we value anything online. Is a blog post the millennium when 1,000 people have retweeted it? Or is it the bee’s knees when it has received 1,000 diggs? That is something that this new initiative (which just opened to the public) wants to change.

It goes by the name of WebbChange, and it stands as a virtual currency that site users can employ in order to put an exact value on these sites, blogs and videos that they come across online and that they really take a liking to. People who sign up receive a free number of WebbChange coins that they can give to the web content they deem as precious to them. And in the event the user changes his mind at a later point, he can always withdraw the money and give it to any other site that captures his imagination like the previous one had done.

The main tenet of the system is that of democracy. Since everybody has the same amount of coins to begin with, every site has the same chance as the rest to become the recipient of people’s inversions.

Besides, a second currency named Daily Coins is given to uses every 24 hours to give to their daily finds.

The site has also been arranged very thoughtfully in the sense that smart searches can be carried easily. These can take into accounts very specific information like any user’s work, religion, education and sexuality. That is, you can look for the best social networking site for atheist people who have a Ph. D if that is what you want. In that way, the rating system that is employed becomes instantly measurable.

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More – For All Quipsters Out There

  • September 3, 2009

CoinThatPhrase.comComing up with a catchy phrase is something we all can do. Believe me, it is not as difficult as it might seem.

After all, we all are knowledgeable when it comes to something, and that understanding will empower us to create a quip which is worth quoting by others. And if you want to figure out how eminently quotable you are, this website fits the bill more than acceptably.

In principle, it lets anybody submit or claim a phrase that he or she has coined. This has more enduring effects than merely being recognized by others – from a financial point of view, this site will let you prevent any phrase you have devised be used in marketing campaigns without your consent.

As you can see, this service is a straightforward one. I feel it has found a nice space to stand in, as the explosion of services for sharing messages makes for original snippets of thought to be put around at breakneck speed. Besides, witty quips tend to be short, and they lend themselves admirably well to systems like Twitter. That is why having a way of claiming ownership over them is so spot-on.

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More – A Site For Coin Collectors

  • July 4, 2008

JakesMp.comJake’s Market Place is a site that is dedicated to coin collectors. Jake’s works as a coin dealer.

They specialize in U.S. coins, and they promise all their customers that they will receive a proper graded coin and at very accurate prices. If you want to know what they have to offer you, you can check out their online catalog. If you visit this website often, you can go directly to the “what’s new” section. If you have old coins or currency, and you don’t know how much they are worth, you should take a look at the link called “coin appraisals”. You might have a fortune at the reach of your hands and you might don’t even know it. If you are planning to buy many different coins you can navigate through the site and add everything you like to your shopping cart. Improve your coin collection thanks to Jake’s Market Place.

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WorldCoinGallery.Com – World Coin Gallery Online Source

  • June 10, 2008

WorldCoinGallery.ComWorldCoinGallery.Com is a website that offers the largest collection of full color coin images in the world.

The gallery includes more than 25,000 coin photos from 450 states/countries. In order to enter to the gallery, all you have to do is choose a country from the menu box at the homepage, to view listings, photos, and coin values. For example you choose United States of America and you will access to a list with all the coin types for that country. All you have to do is click on each type to view images. You will find the ½ Cent, Large Cent, Small Cent, Two and Three Cents, Half Dime, Five Cents, Ten Cents (dime), Twenty Cents, Quarter Dollar, Half Dollar, One Dollar, and lot more. You can also click on the link provided at the United States’ page, to view early commemorative designs. If you enjoy the website, you can consider making a donation, so they can make the gallery more complete. WorldCoinGallery.Com

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More – Your Coin Collector’s Site

  • June 2, 2008

Oldcoinshop.comIf collecting coins is one of your favourite hobbies, you just can’t miss of visiting this website. With more than 40 years of experience, the Old Coin Shop has a long and outstanding tradition of services to coin collectors.

It maintains one of the largest inventories of collector coins in California. At one time or another the Old Coin Shop has handled many of the great numismatic rarities such as the Dexter specimen of the 1804 Dollar. Visit the website and feel free to browse their stock of more than 600 coins online. Whether you are beginner or a pro, they have a unique site that enables collectors of all levels to search out those coins they really need and want. If you are interested you can join the Old Coin Shop and be part of their new finds and discoveries in the coin collecting world. Customer service is available for those who need assistance with their collection.

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More – Gold Bullion Dealer Forum

  • June 1, 2008

Kitcomm.comKitco, you might know, is a precious metal bullion dealer, and is where you’ll be able to find their forum, which upon closer inspection, is clearly one of the core aspects of the whole exchange, as buyers and sellers from around the world join to discuss, request and provide information, trends and prices in the precious metal market.

If you are more inclined to jewelry as an investment, this forum will also be of interest. Anyone can come in and take a look at the threads and posts in the forums, but note that you must be a registered member to start posting, which in turn means that you must wait for a week between signing up and start enjoying posting rights; this seems like a really simple and sensible idea to discourage users asking repetitive questions over and over again, as it is clear that if you must shut up for a week, you’ll find something to do meanwhile, and probably read what other people have been saying is the most profitable of them.

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More – Coin Show Directory

  • May 21, 2008

Coinshows.comNumismatics is a word not often heard in modern society today. A Numismatist is a person who collects or studies coins from our historical past.

The history of coins being used as currency dates back to the likes of the Romans, Greeks and other famous races of people. If you are a coin collector or are interested in learning about the history of coins and maybe starting your own collection, then you might consider taking a look at a web site called This web site is updated weekly and constantly adds listings of new coin shows and fares that are happening across the United States and beyond. The web site follows a simple design and currently lists more than five hundred coin shows that you can learn about. If you are promoting a coin show you can add your show to this growing list simply by scrolling down the page and finding the link you require.

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More – All About Collecting Coins

  • May 20, 2008

Collectioncoins.netIf you collect coins, would like to start collecting them or are simply interested in this subject, then this site can be your source of information. Here you can find lots of links containing information on many aspects of the art of coin collecting.

In the Coin Collection section you will find links that will re direct you to sites containing information on coin collecting, US coin prices, old coins, British coins, state quarters, rare coins, ancient coins, US coin values, coin value, and bullion coins. You can also find sites that contain information on coin holders, proof sets, platinum coins and much more. In the coin shop section you will find many online stores that offer coins available to be purchased online, so, if you are looking for coins, you can find them and buy them in the comfort of your own home from this site. You can use the search engine bar that this site offers as well, to find sites containing specific information that you may need on any topic of the coin collecting subject.

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More – Lear Financial: Precious Metals

  • May 18, 2008

GoldCentral.comWould you like to buy gold online? Are you willing to buy gold bullion? If that is the case, it seems like might be of your interest. This site belongs to a company that sells gold in different forms. Notice that Gold Central sells gold bullion as well as coins.

What is more, on this website you will get the chance to purchase other precious metals like silver and bronze. Are you looking for gold information and prices? Then, this site can help. offers you a free online gold guide for you to know everything about gold.

As a conclusion, all those willing to buy gold online can try this website out and search the site for gold bullion and coins. What is more, on this site you can buy other metals like silver and bronze. Feel free to stop by if you want to get a free online gold guide.

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More – Hobby Online Store

  • May 15, 2008

Amosadvantage.comDo you have a hobby? Are you into coins, cars or stamps? If that is the case, you might find worth of a try. On this site, you will find accessories and merchandise that will take your hobby to the next level. There are available coin products and craft products, as well as automotive products and stamp products.

On Amos Advantage you might find everything you have been looking for when it comes to your favorite hobbies. The site will let you shop for stamp albums and Scott catalogs, as well as cross stitch accessories and coin albums. If you love cars, you will find all about die cast models and muscle cars, shop manuals, apparel and so forth.

To sum up, if you are interested in stamps, coins or craft, you should visit On you will find a collection of products to enhance your hobbies, including stamp albums, coin albums and much more.

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More – Coin and Currency Supplies

  • April 9, 2008

Brent-krueger.comIf you are into numismatics and are looking to buy some supplies to keep and expand your collection, take a look at, an eCommerce site specializing in coin folders, albums and other accessories for storing coin collections, plus videos, books, software, cleaning products and some coins as well.

Though the site could definitely use some redesigning, it works nicely and stuff is easy to find; however, I was quite negatively shocked not to find any images on the coins on offer; it would seem only sensible to get galleries for the site, especially when dealing with objects which are so small, so alike and so expensive. A very good bit of the site is the ‘How to clinics’, where users will find detailed information on how to use cleaners, and tips to keep their collection in order and readily classified. Also interesting for collectors will be the links area, where a rather lengthy selection of numismatic sites is presented.

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More – Coin Operated Machines

  • March 30, 2008 is the company that more than fifteen years ago invented some of the machinery that you can now see in your local bank, store or shopping mall.

When you have a load of change at home, you can take it to one of there machines and get it changed for larger bills or credited directly into your bank account. Most of us have probably used one of there machines in the United States and now the company exports there technology world wide. If you are looking to find more information or even to buy one of these time and labor machines this is the site where you can find out everything you need to know. The company also offers you the chance to look and buy the companies other coin operated machinery. You can buy candy dispensers, quiz machines and other entertainment machines from this innovative business. So if you are in the market for one of these products or just want to find out more, check out today.

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More – Littleton Coin Company

  • February 16, 2008

LittletonCoin.comLittleton Coin Company is a company that sells collecting material for those who take numismatics as a hobby; they specialize in selling US, World and Ancient coins, paper money, coin folders and albums to store the collections. Site visitors will find a complete catalogue of the products on offer, with generally one picture and a brief comment explaining on the history of the item for sale.

Because the site is so informative and enjoys a 60-year history in the coin collecting scene, it seems like a good place to start a collection, as you will be sure to buy quality collectibles from a trustworthy source. Interestingly, users of this site can create a wishlist, and store there everything they are planning to purchase in the future, whether because they are saving to buy it, or because it’s not in stock for the time being. However, if you are on the other side of the counter and have some stuff you’d like to sell but are clueless about it, try the free coins and paper money appraisals service. The only slight problem I found with this site’s store is that some products don’t have a photo attached to them, and those who actually do, have quite small pictures; it would seem sensible to get larger galleries for the site, especially when dealing with objects which are so small, so alike and so expensive.

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More – US Coin Collectors Central

  • February 11, 2008

CoinFacts.comAre you a coin collector? Would you like to find a rare coin for your coin collection? If so, you have to visit this site and find interesting information for numismatic enthusiasts. On you will find a vast number of articles on coins, including information on bullion coins and silver coins, in addition to state quarter coins.

If you are interested in collecting rare coins and old coins from the United States, this site could be interesting for you. provides you with numismatic resources and information, including coin facts and articles about different country coins. Then, if you want to get information on gold coins and silver coins and learn more about your coin collection, visit

Feel free to stop by this site if you want data on old and rare coins. gives you information on state quarters, silver bullion coins and gold bullion coins, among other gold coins and silver coins.

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More – Certify Your Coins

  • October 3, 2007

Any serious coin hobbyist is aware of the real value of his or her collection. This website is proud to offer you the oldest and one of the most reliable services on coin certification services.

This website invites you to discover ANAC and its many services. From the initial valuation consultancy to the expert grading and authentication, its team of specialists assures you quality and ease.

ANAC’s main facilities are located in Englewood, Colorado, and the company offers you a reliable mail submission and tracking service. One of the main advantages of ANAC is that, unlike other numismatic institutions, you don’t have to be a member in order to enjoy its benefits.

If you are looking forward to certify and authenticate your coins, you could find this website useful. offers you no clubs to join and no fees to pay, just fill the submission form and wait for the results.

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More – Iraq Central Bank

  • September 22, 2007
This is The Central Bank of Iraq’s Official website. Here you can learn about their monetary policy, financial statements and exchange rates among other useful information regarding the subject.

Enter this website and you will find the home on the Internet of the financial institution that bears the name of Central Bank of Irak and the responsibility of ensuring price stability in that country. What they offer by means of these pages is a complete source of information about what the institution has to offer to its clients, from products to services, Exchange Rates and even Economic data just to name a few. “History”, along with “Monetary Policy“, “Payment Systems” and even “Banknotes & Coins” are only some of the sections at your disposal.

It is an important source of information on the economic issues of a country located in a region with constant media coverage these days. More still in the global economy that rules modern times. The site really offers a lot of information , which will get the attention of anyone interested in economic issues and also of those who like to be informed about general news. For example, the site includes a detailed section on the external debt of the country, with the restructuring plan that the government will use to reduce it.

Laws and Regulations have also a special space in the menu, where visitors can read about the laws, licensing, and some ordinances which regulate The Central Bank of Iraq’s activity.

Images of the banknotes and coins are available too, and the history of the bank is intertwined with Iraq’s history, which will get the attention of anyone who is interested in that area of the world.

If the subject has caught your attention and you would like to learn more about it, you should click on the link provided.

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More – Reserve your parking spot

  • September 20, 2007

ParkingCarma.comAnyone who lives in a big city knows the headache that is finding a parking spot. It used to be that just Friday and Saturday nights were impossible but now it seems that anytime of day, on any day of the week, finding parking is a dangerous challenge.

Now, will take the stress away by allowing users to reserve a space in advance. Before heading out on the road, users can tell ParkingCarma their destination and time of arrival and they will display the available spots. Users can pick the spot that they like the best whether is be by price, distance, valet or other special needs. The system works with new technology called SmartParking, which is a network that “uses wireless sensors and interfaces to gather, organize, analyze, and process parking information from off-street parking facilities.” Anyone can use ParkingCarma’s space locator but only paying members can actually reserve spaces. Registered members can also store their preferences and take advantage of pre-paid parking where available.

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