More – Coordinating Tasks With Others

  • April 16, 2010

Cohuman.comWe could say that Cohuman is an online coordinator of tasks. That is, the site makes it possible for anybody to set down a task and designate somebody to do it.

Although the obvious uses for something like this are professional ones, nothing prevents Cohuman for being used among friends or even families. Imagine that you are arranging your daughter’s 15 birthday. Using a system like Cohuman it is very easy to have your wife pick up the cake if you got stuck in a traffic jam and you want to ensure that everything runs as scheduled.

Still, professional uses are going to be the predominant ones if only because that is the context in which the doling out of tasks is accepted without anybody grunting – it is all part of a day’s job.

Once a task has been created you can easily add content to it, and that includes media and additional comment. Anything that could makes life easier for the person who has to fulfill the assignment such as instructions and diagrams can then be added. In the end, that is mutually beneficial – the sooner the task is done then the sooner you all can move ahead.

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