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  • January 12, 2009 is a new solution that aims to become a mainstay when it comes to connecting creative people through the Internet. The site self-describes itself as “A visual tool to create, connect and share ideas”.

The basic premise is that of annotating the web and sharing your insight with any other internaut you wish, be it for personal or business uses.

Through the site, you can also join in any existing group that catches your fancy, and find like-minded individuals in the most straightforward way of all. Connecting ideas is then an easy task indeed.

Features that merit a mention include the ability to import your data as RSS feeds and share it right away, whereas you can also employ the RESTful API services in order to edit and mashup data from other tools.

To sum it up, Cohere is a platform that makes for dialogue and debate in a supple fashion. Consider paying the site a visit at the provided address if you deem yourself as a creative individual who wishes to expand his outreach.

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