More – Get Feedback From Customers

  • January 7, 2011

Cognotix.comCognotix is an ad hoc solution for the collection and analysis of feedback. Any company that gives this system a try will be able to carry out as many surveys as it wants, and have the resulting data analyzed within seconds.

The actual collection of feedback can be dealt with both online and via the phone, and it is also possible to have several surveys deployed at the very same time.

There are three different paid plans to choose from (Professional, Premium and Enterprise). The most expensive plans come with advanced data handling features, as all the information which has been collected can be segmented and directed to any specific group or employee within a company.

Also, the more expensive the plan then the bigger number of survey responses that it can handle. (The enterprise plan actually comes with support for an unlimited number of responses). And in case you want to know more, bear in mind that you can initiate a 30-day free trial whenever you want.

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