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  • January 28, 2009

Coggno.comThe Coggno Marketplace is a resource that has one specific aim, namely connecting organizations in pursuit of e-learning and assessment contents with the ones that can provide exactly that. Those who sign up become what are termed “Coggno Authors”, and from that point onwards they can sell the contents they create and their knowledge to the organizations that wish to acquire it.

As the author, you have the right to set down the price beforehand. The cost of licenses tends to oscillate between 10 and 450 US$. For its part, payments are handled via checks, and these are sent out twice per month.

Moreover, you specify the licensing rules that will apply to the content that you have authored. The site also includes a whole section that details syndication policies, so that every doubt is dispelled.

When all is said and done, this site offers those that have an expertise in any particular industry a chance to share these skills and generate an income for doing so. If you think you have special skills or knowledge that could translate into a corporate asset, then Coggno will suit you fine.

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