The Top Characteristics of a Quality Co-founder Team

  • June 1, 2022

Some of you have enough of a go-getter attitude to make a business run successfully from the ground up on your own. However, those of you just getting started know that it’s not always a one-person show. You need a team to back you up. This could mean that you need help creating a company right from the get-go. That’s where relying on a quality co-founder comes in.

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8 Catastrophic Startup Mistakes And How To Fix Them

  • June 20, 2014

Part of a founder’s job is to make sure the company always gets the best possible deal — whether it’s in negotiating valuation, evaluating employees’ stock/salary or even choosing a law firm. Unfortunately, this frugal nature often has repercussions. Instead of thinking transactionally, think about these…


How Can A Non-Tech Startup Co-Founder Provide Value?

  • June 13, 2013

Being able to code has become an essential part of many businesses, and not having this golden skill has been seen to put otherwise strong and effective businesspeople at a disadvantage. However, there is no reason a non-technical senior staff member or even a startup co-founder can’t add value to your…

More – Cofounders For Startups

  • June 13, 2011

Founder2Be.comThe first thing you should do before starting down the entrepreneurial path is to identify your own weaknesses. Once you have done that, you will be able to look for partners who could collaborate with you, and help you cover your every shortcoming. Such a task is never easy. Yet, the presence of sites like certainly turns that whole process into something that is easier, faster and more enjoyable for everybody.

On aspiring entrepreneurs can connect with people who are in a similar position, and whose skills actually complement their very own. For example, people who have really good ideas yet no true grasp on how to market anything can connect with those who know how to sell the hardest of products, and begin collaborating in earnest.

As a platform, can be freely used. As a matter of fact, budding entrepreneurs are not even required to sign up for an account of their very own. They can authenticate who they are via Facebook instead, and begin using the site in full. They will be able to post their own ideas and see what others are looking for in the quickest way of all.

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More – A Site Where You Can Recruit Cofounders

  • October 26, 2010

Foundrs.comIf you are the kind who has always lamented the absence of an ordered and categorized database of cofounders for startups, then this site will give you a cause for celebration. stands exactly as that. It is a website in which any entrepreneur can get cofounders for his next project or projects.

And there is more to the site than that, as Foundr will not only let you meet up with other cofounders – it will actually let you incorporate your company virtually once you have joined forces with other people. That is, Foundr will let you distribute the ownership of the company that you all have come up with in a legally-binding way. And equity can be adjusted at a later date. If someone else wants to join in the action later on, then he will be able to become a cofounder and have his share clearly set down.

And if the startup does indeed take off, then this virtual incorporation can be taken one step beyond and the company can be incorporated for real. It will be just a matter of taking the documents to a lawyer for him to take care of all the legal technicalities.

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More – Help For Founding A Startup

  • February 17, 2010

TechCofounder.comTechcofounder is a free online directory of people who are keen on starting a new company, or joining one that has just started making a name for itself. The core members of this site are programmers who want to be discovered, and who have fresh ideas to pitch about.

In that way, entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for a technical cofounder can browse this database of users and contact the ones that seem suitable.

Profiles are anonymous, and that has the advantage of letting people focus on the actual skills and expertise on offer, not on who the person is. That comes later on. That should always come later on.

The database of coders is browseable both by skill and by location, and the former include Java, PHP, Ruby On Rails and the two hottest currencies right now: Twitter and Facebook.

When all is said an done, I think that choosing a technical cofounder resembles getting married more than fleetingly. That is, you get to see that person everyday, you make decisions together, and you even have to share a bank account. TechCoFounder aims to make finding that special “other half” somehow easier.

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