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More – Where To Find a Decent Cup of Java in NY

  • September 4, 2007

CupofNYC.comNew York, with its quaint tagline ‘the city that never sleeps’ is unsurprisingly filled with coffee shops; the people need something to keep them going after all. Yes there are Starbuck’s on seemingly every corner, and yes Starbuck’s has wifi and biscotti, but in such a large metropolis there’s got to be something better.

Cup of NYC was set up precisely for finding the best cafes and coffee shops in the Big Apple. Not only do they intend to ferret out the best coffee in the city, they also want to find those uber cool places that are simply perfect for hanging out with the pals a la Seinfeld or Friends. Reviews include drink ratings, contact info, maps, and opening hours, along with extra features, e.g. wifi and pastries. You can also search for places by features and best drinks. Sign up today to submit your own reviews.

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