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  • January 18, 2009

CoffeeSeeker.comAs its title denotes, this is a web service that will enable you to find coffee shops in your close vicinity. This is carried out by letting you furnish a query that will produce a series of search results in a provided Google Map.

As well as showcasing the position of shops, you will be able to see the rating of each one and quickly realize which ones are worth visiting and which ones are best left alone. Of course, the system is user driven, and you can offer your input for the good of the online community. That is, as well as submitting your very own finds, you can give each one a rating.

When it comes to carrying out a search, you can specify a given range to be taken into account from your relevant position. There is no option to refine by search by rating, but other than that, the site does its job with correction and it is more than likely to bail you out of any situation that might arise.

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