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More – Nestle’s coffee creamer

  • November 19, 2007

Coffee-mate.comAs a consumer, one is familiarized with Nestle’s positioning as sensuous and lush and relaxing products and tastes, and somewhat feels how hard it would be to translate that into a web site, but pulls it quite right, really: the design is as cool and slick and homely as one could probably ever wish for, plus there is a nice slow music playing in the background.

The site is home page for Coffee-mate, the brand of multiple-flavored non-diary coffee creamers, so what you find in the site is pretty much what you would expect to: ads, ad campaigns, a forum of what consumers think about coffee creamers and which new flavors they’d like to try (banana bread is a big thing among them, in case you were wondering), plus some really new and different recipes for coffees or things to have with your coffee. Peppermint mocha Caffè with blueberry muffins seems easy and addictive… see what you can pair up!

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