More – A Different Viewpoint On Splenda

  • July 19, 2008

SplendaExposed.comHow many times have you found yourself in that inner battle where you have to decide (rather quickly or your friend will begin to get impatient) whether you want Splenda or sugar with your tea? Quite a few? Well then, you might want to check out this site because will compel you to see tea time with different eyes. SplendaExposed.

com reveals -with strong scientific evidence as backup- the truth that lies beneath the sweetener commonly known as Splenda. An investigation conducted by Dr. Hull led to interesting conclusions, and she came up with this site to show you the evidence as well as suggest many other alternatives to keep your life “sweet”. It also focuses on more general aspects such as the existent war sweeteners war and the unsafe sweeteners that are being currently consumed out there. In addition to this, the site also grants you the opportunity to post any possible thoughts that may have arisen as you read the content of the site, as well as having the chance of learning what other people have come to thought. An excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas and to learn about an entirely viewpoint on the subject of sweeteners. Check it out at

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