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  • January 14, 2011

CodingPeople.comAre you really good when it comes to designing and plotting, but your programming skills are all but inexistent? Can you come up with some terrific ideas for websites, but are you unable to make them come true? Well, this is the site that will put a full stop to that, and let all the sites in your mind take a tangible shape once and for all.

Coding People will let you submit any design you have dreamed up, and have it turned into a fully-featured xhtml website by expert developers. The actual submission takes the form of a .PNG or .PSD file, and the conversion process usually takes 24 hours (it might also take less time – it depends on what has been submitted, its number of subpages and on the functionalities that are to be implemented).

And according to your optimization needs, you can go for either the premium or high-end packages that are provided. In any case, you can change lots of HTML, CSS and layout options manually until you have come up with something that suits your requirements (and budget) 100 %.

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