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  • November 10, 2010

Coderloop.comCoderloop stands as a community site in which coders can showcase their skills and solve problems that are posted by companies who could really use a hand. The idea is that these companies submit the problems that are besetting them and then the members of the community race to be the first to offer a solution, effectively gaining prestige and reputation in the process.

In actuality, problems and puzzles can also be submitted by other coders who want to see how capable their colleagues are. The fact remains that problems can often be solved in more ways than one. Asking fellow community member for their opinion can be a highly-educating experience.

In any case, the site can be joined and used at no cost. Authentication is handled via RPX – you are not required to create an account of its own just to use Coderloop. As long as you have a Facebook, Google or Yahoo account you will be able to join in the action straightaway.

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