More – Share Your Code

  • December 6, 2011

Dragbox.orgDragbox is one of the simplest ways for coders to share the work they’ve done with their colleagues. If you’re one, on this site you can have piece of code you’ve written shared simply by having the relevant files dragged and dropped into the provided container (it’s right on the homepage, taking up most of the screen). Upon doing so, a link will be created for the person you want to share your code with to retrieve the file instantly. He will download the file right to his HD, and either correct it or use it. It all depends on who the person is, and the kind of working relationship you’ve got with him. But you’ll always get to upload your code (and the other person to get it) in the blink of an eye.

And that’s basically it. The site’s really that easy to use, with you being able to have code shared without even needing to sign up for an account. You’re not even requested to supply an email address in order to get going. You simply need to have your files on your desktop, for them to be shared in a drag-and-drop fashion.

You’re allowed to share any Ruby files which you have on your desktop, and that are not bigger than 5 MB. Few Ruby files are that bulky (and that’s all the more true if you’re a beginner), so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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More – Hire Talented Coders

  • July 11, 2011

RecruitCoders.comAs its name suggests, stands as a recruitment platform that connects people who have coding skills with companies that could actually use their services. The site can be joined by absolutely everybody, and upon creating (and verifying) their own profiles coders will become instantly findable by companies that are looking for new talent. Recruiters who use the site can look coders up by IT skills, preferred company’s location, offered salary… and the whole world is actually supported, so that companies can find talent located as close or far as they wish.

Besides, recruiters are enabled to evaluate these coders they are interested in pursuing a professional relationship with thanks to the provided testing platform. This is based on the highly-practical SPOJ Engine, and it basically lets them test the abilities of these programmers that look promising at once.

All in all, quite a great way for coders to market their skills and land jobs at these companies they have always dreamed of being part of. Check it out – you can get started without having to pay anything.

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More – Share Code Snippets

  • June 30, 2011

ChopApp.comusers to have code snippets shared with whomever they want. The whomever they want bit obviously refers to other programmers – who else would find a full line of Javascript fulfilling? Or a snippet of CSS?

These are just two of the two languages that are supported on this site. In no particular order, the rest are Ruby, Phyton, HTML, C/C++ and PHP. And some lesser-used languages such as JSON and YAML are likewise supported. A big effort has clearly been made to come up with something which is really comprehensive.

The actual dynamics of the site, now, are not something terribly complex or difficult to understand. All that needs to be done for a snippet to be shared is to type it down in the provided box, or (better still) have it cut and pasted there. Upon doing that and choosing the language that applies from the provided list you will be having it shared with programmers whose kung fu is worse/better than yours, and see what they have to say. If you are coding anything and you get stuck, nowhere else are you are finding help and assistance as quickly and easily as on a site like this one.

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More – Jobs For Developers

  • April 7, 2011 is a job board for developers. Here, companies that are hiring make it clear which positions they have to cover, and people are allowed to apply to them.

The featured job openings can be searched by language, by industry and by city. Supported languages include Phyton, Ruby, ASP, C, Flash, Javascript and quite a handful more whose names I frankly have trouble placing. For its part, the supported industries span the financial world, the startup scene and the world of gaming.

Of course, you can do without filters of any kind and see all the most recent job openings at a glance. Useful if you are kind of a jack-of-all-trades, and looking at ads which are just too specific or specialized would only slow you down.

And just in case you are interested, you can sign up for email alerts and get all the latest new job openings straight in your inbox.

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More – Become A Better Programmer

  • February 11, 2011

CoderCharts.comThe Coder Charts website is where you should set your browser to if you are a programmer, and you think your skills could use a little polishing up.

On this site, you will be able to become part of a community of like-minded individuals who constantly test their abilities via coding tournaments and contests. C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby and Tcl are the languages these competitions revolve around, and those who win them earn more than just the respect of their peers – they actually get their hands on prizes such as iPads.

And if you like the idea of competing against fellow programmers but you are just getting started, and you wonder if there is room for you in a site like this then there is just one thing you should know: the featured puzzles are categorized by difficulty. Challenges falling into the following five categories are included: Easy, Novice, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

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More – Answers To Technology Questions

  • November 16, 2010

XORSwap.comXOR Swap is a site that is intended to be used by programmers only. Here, they will be able to find all the questions that are asked in interviews by technology-oriented companies such as Google, Electronic Arts, IBM and Facebook among others.

“Given two strings, write a function that determines if all the characters in one string appear at least once in the other” and “When generating random numbers as cookies, how many generations until an expected collision?” are two representative questions that I came across when reviewing the site. More or less, they all follow the same line. And they are all categorized by company, obviously.

Leaving aside its obvious uses, something like XOR Swap is an endless source of inspiration for programmers both young and seasoned. And if they fail to get the exact answers they need by checking the site, they are surely getting an idea or two that could be instrumental in realizing how to solve any problems they are facing themselves.

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More – A Community For Coders

  • November 10, 2010

Coderloop.comCoderloop stands as a community site in which coders can showcase their skills and solve problems that are posted by companies who could really use a hand. The idea is that these companies submit the problems that are besetting them and then the members of the community race to be the first to offer a solution, effectively gaining prestige and reputation in the process.

In actuality, problems and puzzles can also be submitted by other coders who want to see how capable their colleagues are. The fact remains that problems can often be solved in more ways than one. Asking fellow community member for their opinion can be a highly-educating experience.

In any case, the site can be joined and used at no cost. Authentication is handled via RPX – you are not required to create an account of its own just to use Coderloop. As long as you have a Facebook, Google or Yahoo account you will be able to join in the action straightaway.

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More – Letting Programmers Find Good Jobs

  • October 11, 2010

CanYouCode.comCan You Code is a site that is aimed at coders and programmers. Its objective is becoming a resource in which only jobs that are fairly remunerated are posted.

Likewise, a lot of emphasis is placed on the quality of the companies that are featured, as these are checked manually in order to ensure that they are reputable. Everything from LinkedIn profiles to Open Source contributions is examined and weighed up.

And as far as freelancers are concerned, the main appeal of the site is that they are going to be paid better than on competing sites. That is what is aimed for, at least – the idea is to let coders and designers earn as much as $ 35/hr (as opposed to the $ 10/hr that can be earned in most other sites of this nature).

Structurally, Can You Code is quite logical. You have a section titled “Hire People” and another that goes by the name of “Find People”. The main page also lists the developers that have joined the Can You Code community more recently, too. If you are hiring and you are looking for fresh talent, you might as well start your search there.

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More – Help For Founding A Startup

  • February 17, 2010

TechCofounder.comTechcofounder is a free online directory of people who are keen on starting a new company, or joining one that has just started making a name for itself. The core members of this site are programmers who want to be discovered, and who have fresh ideas to pitch about.

In that way, entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for a technical cofounder can browse this database of users and contact the ones that seem suitable.

Profiles are anonymous, and that has the advantage of letting people focus on the actual skills and expertise on offer, not on who the person is. That comes later on. That should always come later on.

The database of coders is browseable both by skill and by location, and the former include Java, PHP, Ruby On Rails and the two hottest currencies right now: Twitter and Facebook.

When all is said an done, I think that choosing a technical cofounder resembles getting married more than fleetingly. That is, you get to see that person everyday, you make decisions together, and you even have to share a bank account. TechCoFounder aims to make finding that special “other half” somehow easier.

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More – Plan Events Online

  • April 9, 2009

Bantora.comBantora self-defines itself as the place where you can “conceptualize your ideas and turn them into events”. The site is actually a social one geared towards individuals that move in the fields of programming and coding.

Here, they can tell other members of the online community what it is they are after, and meet like-minded individuals that way.

Any event that is created through the site comes with additional tools for promotion like a blog and even a wiki. Speaking of wikis, the site includes a wiki with ideas that you might need for your event. Make sure to check it first to ensure you will make no obvious blunders.

Signing up is mandatory if you want to create an event, although you can browse the ones that have been posted so far without needing to register first. This way, you will have a clear idea of what to expect if you sign up, the way people connect with each other and the manner in which everything can be structured.

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