More – Turning Sites Into Music

  • February 22, 2010

CodeOrgan.comLeaving aside how useful Code Organ actually is or not, you can’t accuse it of not being offbeat. What it will do is to take any URL that you submit and transform the site in question into a song.

An organ is featured on the main page, and as the song begins playing the keys will go off for added effect.

Both keyboards and drums make up each sonic landscape, and synths are likewise incorporated for a nice ‘80s touch. Songs are not really that long, and the only thing that takes some time is the actual conversion process. But that is understandable.

Besides, the site makes for sharing the songs that you have come across both on Facebook and on Twitter, so that if you tried it out with your site and the results were particularly melodious you will be able to share them with everybody. Of course, you can test a friend’s site or the site of a close competitor and if the ensuing melody is horrendous you can proceed to rile him/her beyond belief by putting the melody across.

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