More – PSD To HTML Conversion Services

  • August 29, 2010

CodeMyImage.comCode My Image is a company that specializes in providing PSD to HTML conversion services. That is, the company can take any common design that you have and have it converted into a live web page.

By hiring such a service, you are ensuring that the job will be done by professional coders and you will also free a lot of time to work in the actual design. The coding process and its every technicality will become something you won’t even have to think about.

The process in which you submit your design and have it coded is as simple as it could be. You just provide the company with the digital design that you need turned into code along with any special instructions, and the company will take care of having it converted to W3C compliant, cross-browser compatible code.

You can read about the fees that are charged on the site. Special discounts are offered for 5 or more pages, and in each and every case one run of edits is always provided. And a money back guarantee is part of the package, too.

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