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  • January 27, 2009

CodeGlide.comThis company was created with the intention of giving users the possibility to be able to use very easily, an efficient and accessible set of tools, straight away. If you are on entrepreneur with a very good and new idea, now you can innovate by using premium technology.

CodeGlide develops a set of open source web-based enterprise applications, including CRM, Groupware and Data Integration solutions.

The company offers these solutions both on-demand and on-premise, under GPL and Commercial licenses.

CodeGlide is presently extending the collection in order to include ERP, eLearning and a Web-based Business Application builder. The goal is to create a fully-integrated suite including all applications any company or organization might need.

CodeGlide’s group of enterprise applications makes available an integrated solution that helps companies and organizations of all sizes to reduce costs and increase earnings.

The included feature set and its rich Adobe Flex AJAX interface make CodeGlide solutions superior to most commercial and open source enterprise products

The company has offices in the United States at San Francisco, as well as in the United Kingdom at London. Additionally, there are other locations where you can get access to these services at Barcelona, Spain, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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