More – Evaluating Prospective Programmers

  • August 20, 2010

CodeEval.comCodeEval is an evaluation platform that can identify the best programming candidates from the hundreds that always submit their resumes to any engineering position which is listed online. In this way, employers are saved the struggle of having to sift through hundreds of resumes that don’t seem that different at all, and that don’t really give anybody a clear indication of who should be interviewed.

Well, this platform aims to offer a way out of that conundrum by asking all candidates to solve a programming challenge. By doing so, the best candidates will be singled out and you (as the employer) will know whose resume to take a closer look at, and (eventually) interview.

Challenges can be set up in a wide variety of languages – Python, C, C++, Java… the submissions are automatically graded as they are sent in, and each candidate will receive his very own CodeEval Score. Employers can then proceed to continue the recruitment process by focusing on salient candidates only, and being safe in the assurance they are dealing with the pick of the bunch.

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