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  • December 22, 2008

CodedPreview.comSelf-described as the “the first dedicated service for creating preview pages for your design templates”, this solution is certain to make life easier for all the many webmasters who are looking into ways of implementing changes in a cost-effective manner.

Essentially, Coded Preview is an app that enables anybody to generate a HTML preview page that displays the way a finished design will look when implemented.

Not only can you see that for yourself, but the site also makes it possible for you to store the files online and invite others to see them.

As the programmer himself (Mr. Seb Silas) points out, he created this service because he was fed up with the process of manually uploading the code via FTP just to show it to every single user he wanted to share it with.

The app is available to both Mac and PC users, and it is even possible to choose between a “Pro” and “Simple” version, according to your current level of expertise.

At the end of the day, all the many programmers and coders out there are certain to appreciate such a time-saving solution that is available at no cost whatsoever. You can read more about this solution and also download the pertinent app by visiting the URL that is displayed below.

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