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  • July 15, 2010

CodeClip.orgA site that will appeal to programmers only, lets them upload and share code snippets and clips for fellow professionals to see, discuss and rate.

The idea is that the clips that receive the best ratings from the ones that have been submitted are highlighted for all to take notice and try out themselves.

The rest are browseable using the provided interface, and that interface is nothing that would merit a lengthy or laborious explanation. It is made up of three main links, and their names speak for themselves: “Search Clips”, “Browse Clips” and “Submit New Clip”. The one thing that should be mentioned is that you can pick your language from a provided drop-down menu, and that such a menu is really comprehensive – CSS, Java and Python are just some of the featured languages.

The site is not only very simple and direct, it is also a resource that can be used by absolutely anybody. There are no fees to be paid, and once you have signed up and become a registered user you will be capable of posting whatever you want, as well as rating the work of fellow colleagues.

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