More – Test How Skilled Programmers Are

  • September 19, 2010

Codeboff.inWhen looking for a candidate to fill in an available position, you could interview someone for 2 hours and have only a surface understanding of what the person can do. On the contrary, just making him sit through a five-minute test will let you know exactly what he is capable of.

That applies to all professions, really. It certainly applies to programmers. This site is all the proof we need.

It goes by the name of Code Boffin, and it will let you prescreen candidates by putting them face to face with real programming tests. Languages such as C and C ++ can already be tested, and others like Java are going to be supported shortly.

All the tests that can be created through the site come with transparent grading – if a candidate fails, he will know exactly why. And a lot of care and thought have gone into ensuring people won’t cheat.

All tests are free while the site is in beta (IE, right now). And open test will always remain like that. Only private tests will eventually carry a price tag.

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