More – Compress Your CSS

  • April 27, 2011

CodeBeautifier.comThe compression of CSS is a process that can pose serious difficulties to seasoned coders and the uninitiated alike. Things would be a lot easier if there were a web-based tool for getting the job done. And it turns out that one such app has just become available.

Named CodeBeautifier, this application can take care both of formatting and optimising your CSS before going live with any project. On you will be able to control the extent and quality of the compression of your stylesheets by picking one of four available options (low, standard, high and highest), by regrouping selectors, and by optimising shorthands.

This might be Greek to you, but ask any coder and he is going to tell you that these are all the things to keep an eye on when compressing code.

CodeBeautifier can be used for free, and without the need to register first. Just paste the code that you need to have processed, and it will be dealt with for you in the blink of an eye.

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