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  • June 30, 2011

ChopApp.comusers to have code snippets shared with whomever they want. The whomever they want bit obviously refers to other programmers – who else would find a full line of Javascript fulfilling? Or a snippet of CSS?

These are just two of the two languages that are supported on this site. In no particular order, the rest are Ruby, Phyton, HTML, C/C++ and PHP. And some lesser-used languages such as JSON and YAML are likewise supported. A big effort has clearly been made to come up with something which is really comprehensive.

The actual dynamics of the site, now, are not something terribly complex or difficult to understand. All that needs to be done for a snippet to be shared is to type it down in the provided box, or (better still) have it cut and pasted there. Upon doing that and choosing the language that applies from the provided list you will be having it shared with programmers whose kung fu is worse/better than yours, and see what they have to say. If you are coding anything and you get stuck, nowhere else are you are finding help and assistance as quickly and easily as on a site like this one.

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