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More – Never Misplace Your Code Again

  • January 15, 2008

Snipplr.comWhere do you keep your code? Chances are, you’ve got snippets stored all over your desktop, on and offline. Sheer laziness probably keeps your from writing your code all over again, so you’ve got to find the original copy which could take as much a time as rewriting it.

Snipplr was designed to save you from all that fuss. It’s a repository where you can organize and store all your code. You can also make your files public and share your snippets with your fellow coders and developers. Snippets are sorted by the recently added and most popular. A search bar makes it easy to find new code in your favorite language. There’s also an RSS feed for the same purpose. Users can also import code from other websites such as Comments and feedback may also be posted. Snipplr works with TextMate.

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