More – Managing Software Projects Easily

  • June 22, 2010

Codaset.comCodaSet is a new platform that programmers can use in order to manage any software project that they are working on, and also to store its source code in its entirety. This platform is actually powered by Git (the popular distributed revision control system), and this means that you will always be capable of seeing the full history of any project that you are taking care of.

And Git’s emphasis on speed is also palpable when you use Codaset.

One of most distinctive aspects of Codaset is the networking features it has got, as it will effectively let you build up a community around any of your software projects. People will be able to “follow” you, and you will see how the different parts of the community come up with their own variations of your own software.

Another nice feature of Codaset is that not only it lets you create tickets, but it also enables you to manage them using customized keywords. These are placed within your Git commit messages, and you can edit them later on to accommodate the changing demands of your project.

And there is even more – an integrated blog engine for getting the word out on your project, the possibility to create a wiki… the full list can be read on the site, and I encourage to do so if what you have read so far sounded promising to you.

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