More – Improving London Collectively

  • March 3, 2010

CoCreateLondon.comI am featuring this site if only because I would love to see similar ones come along and cover major cities in the US. The title of the website itself is pretty clear, and it gives you a good indication of what to expect if you visit it.

It is a community resource with a concise aim: the betterment of London.

The site involves suggestions that are put forth by users, and then voted upon both by other users and site visitors. When I checked it out, some featured suggestions included “Putting air conditioning on the tubes would improve life in London during the Summer 100%” and “Encourage more frequent outdoor dancing!”. The one that topped the list, incidentally, was the suggestion that read “Free wi-fi hotspots in public spaces across town”.

I don’t really know if someone is paying any heed to these suggestions. But as a starting point, these sure are interesting. And the fact that people could actually have a key input in the way their hometowns are evolving just can’t be obviated, much less dismissed.

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