More – Creating Online Invitations Smoothly

  • June 4, 2010

Cocodot.comCocodot is a site that will let you create paperless invitations for any event that you are hosting and send them out to all your invitees in a fell swoop.

The dynamics of the site involve the creation of both the invitations and a page for the event where you will include its every detail for guests to be better-informed, and become enticed to attend it.

This event page will also let you manage your RSVP settings.

The actual creation of the invitations is made possible by the availability of several designs for you to take as templates that can be modified at will, until you have something that truly captures the spirit of the event that you intend to host. Thankfully, you can upload your own photos and images so that you know that the invitation won’t come across as a merely generic one.

Once the invitations are ready, you simply proceed to build the guest list up. When you are done, the invitations are sent out in a single click.

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