More – National Cockatiel Society

  • May 13, 2008

Cockatiels.orgThe National Cockatiel Society is a national organization that can be found online at

The site features a wide host of information on such species, including an article index that can be browsed through for concise information, and those who register can request a subscription to the NCS Journal, a magazine done by members for members. Mutation pictures can be found on the corresponding section. On the other hand, the site includes a collection of registered aviaries. A bulletin board is also part of the website, and questions about cockatiels can be posed therein, and the NCS panellists will take care of it. Those who are not members of the Society can use the “Just Ask Jan” feature to ask questions. Members can also join the “Tielchatters” YahooGroup and talk about cockatiels to like-minded individuals. Volunteer applications are available online as well, and can be sent to the organization for the purpose of forwarding one’s services.

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