More – It’s Time To Fight Back

  • May 29, 2008

Mappsd.orgCrystal; poor man’s cocaine; ice; glass; tweak; zip. It’s in your state, and probably in your own neighborhood.

Therefore, the METH Awareness and Prevention Project of South Dakota thinks it’s time to fight back. MAPP-SD, a project of Prairie View Prevention Services, Inc., is a comprehensive Methamphetamine (Meth) awareness and prevention project. It is dedicated to increase awareness of Meth, and the problems associated with its use, manufacture, and distribution. The project provides, at no cost, with professional Meth awareness, prevention, and education to groups and organizations on communities, regional and statewide level. Within this site you will find many information about the objectives and way of working of this organization, as well as who are benefited by its activity, and its legal features. The site provides visitors with a photo gallery, so that they can contemplate causes and effects of this problem.
These are powerful pictures that aim to explain why people should join this commitment.

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More – Passing drug tests easily

  • April 22, 2008 is a site that offers helpful tips on how to pass drug tests.

They claim that Natural Herbal Detoxification Products will help you pass Blood, Urine, Saliva, Patch, Random, Sweat and hair Follicle Drug Testing. Along the left hand side of the site you will find several topics related to subjects such as Cocaine Drug Test, Saliva Drug Test and many more. These topics explain thoroughly the process of each test, and how to pass it. They also offer at the bottom of the information mentioned previously, several products that are available to buy online which are the ones this site claims that will make you pass the test. You may find as well several other products available for purchase online that can be used the same day of the test such as teas and drinks. In the Drug testing Kits section you may find lots of testing kits for sale to perform at home and test yourself.

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