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  • February 11, 2009

WeAreCb.comIf you want to get access to a stock of over 5000 communication products, this is the place you were looking for. CB World is a company that is specialized in selling CB radios and antennas.

All these products are available online at

If you are looking for any kind of antennas, this is where you will find what you are looking for. Among the many kinds of antennas you may find at this site, you will get CB, UHF, VHF, Radio Scanner Antennas, as well as cables, and AM/FM Antennas.

You may be looking for business radios, and at you will be able to get two main lines of them, Motorola and Black Box. Among the weather radios, at CB world you can find radios specially designed to warn you when danger is lurking.

This company has everything from police scanners, to ham radio antennas in one convenient location.

Other products you will find at this company are marine radios, radio scanners, radar detectors, as well as PA Equipment, and Power Inverters. You can also search for the product you may need at the search box.

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More – Ford Mustang Network

  • October 20, 2008 is the premier social network for Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts.

The site offers similar features and functionality of MySpace and a whole lot more.

You’ll have access to message forums, photo galleries, blogs, classifieds, events, Rate a Stang, arcade, and more. is a rapidly growing social network in a sea of auto enthusiast websites.

What makes the site so special that it is able to grow in an ultra competitive niche populated with thousands of Mustang properties? It is an effectively integrated site with features such as polls, contests, and technical support, as well as standard social networking features such as personal profile pages, blogs and instant messaging.

What makes the network unique and worth visiting is the warmth and openness of the community which wholeheartedly embraces new members. Many online communities are closed and somewhat clannish.

The Stangers at welcome new members and bring them into the community with sincere enthusiasm. The site is a great place to network and make friends with other Mustang owners and fans.

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More – Cobra Electronics Corporation

  • March 3, 2008 is the Cobra Electronics Corporation web site.

In this web page you are going to find all kind of information about all Cobra mobile communication products. You are going to find all kind of information about mobile navigation devices, two-way radios, radar/laser detectors, citizens band radios, marine electronics, power inverters, and much more. In you can also find all kind of software updates for all its products. Just click on support and choose between the two options available. In you can also check out were you can buy all Cobra products all over the States. Click on the link given and find out where is the nearest store in which you can get the product you are looking for. If you do not find the product you are looking for, provides you with its search engine, just enter the keyword and in less than a second you will have it.

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