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  • September 26, 2011

Moprise.comIntroduced as a “Flipboard for the Enterprise”, Moprise makes it really easy to access SharePoint documents on tablets. This new application is actually the iPad equivalent of the company’s own Coaxion, an iPhone application that one can use to access corporate documents in a lightning-fast way. Well, Moprise lets iPad users do the same thing, and access all their documents in a magazine-like setting.

All they must do is to point the application to the Sharepoint URL where all the documents to be visualized are found. Everything will then be displayed in a touchable, swipe-friendly context. And documents can be made public to others. It’s very easy to start discussions on anything that has been shared, and to turn others into contributors.

As it stands right now, Moprise can connect not only to Sharepoint but also to Dropbox. And support for services such as Salesforce and Google Docs is also planned.

If one is to get a little picky, the Flipboard analogy isn’t 100% on as users of Moprise can only access their own documents. They can’t have information such as tweets or even news displayed. But not that anybody’s complaining – there’s no denying the effectiveness of Moprise, and the positive impact it can have on the lives of professional users looking to maximize what little time they have to spare.

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