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  • January 17, 2011

CoachPlace.comThe first step towards improving who you are is realizing that you have limitations. The minute you come to accept such a fact is the minute you will be able to overcome them. And it is then that a site such as this will come in more than handy.

As its name implies, Coach Place is a place in which you can find people to coach you and guide you towards realizing your aims. Being a more competent businessman, learning how to act, shaking off your accent… no matter what you want to do, this site will let you find the right person to assist you.

Once you have signed up for Coach Place, you will be able to access the full profiles of all the featured coaches, see their backgrounds and all their specialties. You will also be allowed to start following them, and be notified whenever they publish any new article that could be potentially appealing.

And note that you can approach coaches anonymously to begin with. That is, Coach Place comes with a messaging platform that lets you get in touch with any of the featured coaches without having to disclose who you are at first. Only when you are confident enough will you reveal your identity.

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