3 Startup Lessons From A NFL Coach

  • September 20, 2013

With the 2013-14 NFL season kicking into full gear, and as I settle into my Sunday ritual, I’m reminded of why my hero, head coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks, is just that – a hero. Since he took the reins in Seattle in 2010, Pete’s taken a below-average team and turned out a Superbowl contender…

More – Alaska School Activities Association

  • August 16, 2012 is the official page for the Alaska School Activities Association. The homepage has a menu of options, including a link to calendars and schedules and a photo gallery. The ASAA link provides a list of the services the group is responsible for. The sports link for has an extensive list of athletic activities. The list of sports is alphabetized, with basketball, baseball, and cheer leading being listed first. Cross country running, football, and hockey come next. Nordic ski, soccer, softball, and swimming and diving are included. Tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling complete the list. Each sport link has its own menu of further links. Current dates for sporting events are listed, important dates are highlighted. There stats, photo galleries, and record books that are provided.

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More – Find Good Instructors

  • October 21, 2011

GetBetterToday.comGet Better Today is where you can find the kind of tutoring and mentoring that will help you realize all your dreams and aspirations. This site is made up of a large database of instructors, coaches and mentors for practically every sport you could imagine, as well as all kinds of hobbies and interests. By creating an account (it’s free), you’ll be able to connect with the ones that you think could guide you best, and let you achieve your aims.

Searches on this site are done based on your ZIP code. You use that to pinpoint where you are, and Get Better Today will show you all the coaches and instructors that live where you live. You’ll be able to view their profiles, and ask them any questions you feel like asking directly. Once you have decided on one, you hire him up. Easy.

And if you know an instructor that should definitely be included on the Get Better Today database, then you can bring his name forward on the “Nominate An Instructor”. section. Get Better Today will contact him, and if all’s fine he will be added to the database so that others can find him, and benefit from his expertise.

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More – Fitness And Coaching Web Platform

  • July 24, 2011

FitView.comA new company, FitView gives personal trainers a coaching and training platform that is sure to simplify their jobs to no end. Those who use this web-hosted platform can keep track of all their clients, schedule and share workouts with them, and monitor how they are progressing towards their fitness goals. Of course, trainers and their clients can easily message each other, and keep each other posted on what they are doing. If for any reason a class has to be cancelled, then the other will be able to know all about it on the spot. And both will be able to reschedule the class for later very easily.

And in addition to being available as a web platform, FitView also comes in the shape of a mobile app. The mobile Fitview application for iPhone can be bought at the App Store for $ 0.99, and it lets users do all that the web version of the service enables them to do in the palms of their hands. But note that the app can only be used if one has an active coach account with FitView, or an invite from his coach or trainer.

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More – Profile Pages For Athletes

  • June 8, 2011

Webletes.comA site that aims to simplify the way in which High School and Junior College athletes are discovered, Webletes stands as an interesting alternative to how talent is usually recruited by coaches. On Webletes, athletes from all over the country can sign up for a free account and create profiles highlighting all their best virtues and qualities. Coaches will then be able to go through these, and whenever they spot anything that looks promising then they can get in touch with the athlete through the site.

The search of athletes itself is made all the more easy since an interactive map is included, and an advanced search tool lets coaches look talent up by taking into account variables such as the position they can play, their GPA and both their ACT and SAT scores. Of course, aspects such as the age, height and weight of candidates can likewise be taken into consideration. And since the most viewed athletes are all highlighted on the site, finding the star players of tomorrow is turned into an even faster task.

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More – Baseball Social Network

  • May 31, 2011

CheckSwing.comCheckSwing is a baseball social network that connects all the people who are involved in the sport in one way or the other. This includes not only the actual players and their coaches but also the parents of these players and those who work as scouts. On the site, they can all create their very own profiles and start interacting with each other as they would in real life, only that here everything will become as quick and direct as only the Internet makes it possible. CheckSwing lets them communicate with each other in the most relatable of ways.

They can share all kinds of media, with images and videos obviously being the kind of files that registered users swap more frequently. Coaches can share videos with their players and highlight these points that are to be improved more clearly, parents can share videos among themselves and discuss to which extent the coach is actually taking the best decisions… the site makes such interactions take place in a context where messages are delivered fast, and in an entirely understandable way.

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More – Tutors For Your Children

  • March 4, 2011

Kidzmet.comKidzmet is where parents can find teachers, coaches and tutors for their children. And the way everything works, the matching process is incredibly accurate.

Basically, the children have to take an online assessment (in which they are obviously guided by their parents). Based on this assessment, Kidzmet will determine not only the learning styles of the children but also their innate talents and even their personality traits. And using that information, it will be able to produce matches with a higher degree of suitability that the ones offered up by competing sites.

Of course, each and every teacher that is part of the Kidzmet database has been rated and reviewed by the parents that have hired him before. This will give parents the peace of mind that they must have when it comes to hiring one such professional. And a really commendable feature is that Kidzmet can notify parents when new teachers become available in the area that they live in.

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More – Software For Coaches

  • January 20, 2011

Coachulous.comThis is a new application that will make the lives of coaches so much easier. In general, they will be able to send and track training schedules with all the athletes they work with. All this information becomes centralized, and the coaches will be able to access it via a convenient dashboard. Athlete-specific data can be visualized at once, and the provided graphs will make it very easy for the coach to determine these areas that are calling for attention.

Additionally, Coachulous makes it very easy to send bills and record payments once they are received. A simple billing interface sees to that. And it is also possible to send out reminders when money is overdue.

Three different plans are provided: Solo, Pro and Empire. The differences? The number of athletes that can be managed (5, 20 and 50), and the actual storage that is provided (1 GB, 2 GB and 5 GB). All plans can be tried for free during 30 days, and they can be upgraded/downgraded as you go along.

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More – Coaches For Changing Your Life

  • January 17, 2011

CoachPlace.comThe first step towards improving who you are is realizing that you have limitations. The minute you come to accept such a fact is the minute you will be able to overcome them. And it is then that a site such as this will come in more than handy.

As its name implies, Coach Place is a place in which you can find people to coach you and guide you towards realizing your aims. Being a more competent businessman, learning how to act, shaking off your accent… no matter what you want to do, this site will let you find the right person to assist you.

Once you have signed up for Coach Place, you will be able to access the full profiles of all the featured coaches, see their backgrounds and all their specialties. You will also be allowed to start following them, and be notified whenever they publish any new article that could be potentially appealing.

And note that you can approach coaches anonymously to begin with. That is, Coach Place comes with a messaging platform that lets you get in touch with any of the featured coaches without having to disclose who you are at first. Only when you are confident enough will you reveal your identity.

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More – For Managers Of Sports Leagues

  • August 19, 2010

Firefield.comFirefield is a new application for the management of sports activity. It can be used by coaches, parents, athletic directors… in short: any person who runs a sports league or a sports-based business will maximize this.

The site will let all these individuals create a profile for the relevant league or organization, and include all the teams that are part of it. All the coaches, employees and volunteers can be invited to join, and become instantly connected. The administrator will be able to send out notifications about new league activities, as well as keeping a highly-detailed schedule that everybody will be able to refer to. Likewise, the administrator can centralize the collection of payments using Firefield.

And the site is also open to fans. They will be able to join and start following their favorite teams from any league. And in the event that any of the teams that they are keen on is not featured, they will be capable of prodding them to join.

Something that is important to mention is that the user is the one who sets down the privacy of his account. Three privacy options are already provided: “Everyone”, “Only Connections” and “Only Admins”.

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More – Achieving Your Personal Goals

  • June 14, 2010

BetterFly.comBetterFly is a resource that aims to match people who want to realize their personal goals with individuals who could help them do that. If we were to define it, we could say that BetterFly is both a marketplace and a community site in which A) Everything revolves around the realization lifestyle-connected objectives, and B) A marked human touch is emphasized, as the focus is placed on individual service providers rather than companies.

The site, then, includes a wide array of teachers, coachers, trainers and tutors. Each is been rated by people who have hired their “betterist” services, and (when looking anything up) you can choose to see only the ones who have received the best ratings. That is nothing new (and neither is the ability to browse them by criteria), but it is as useful as ever for those who don’t want to browse through an endless succession of ads that might be seemingly identical.

For its part, betterists are provided with a calendar for the taking and managing of appointments in a concrete fashion. They can also express themselves via the provided blogging platform, and this is yet another example of the degree of personalization that this site is aiming at.

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More – For Managers Of Baseball Teams

  • March 29, 2010

Statmonster.netStatmonster is a browser-hosted solution that will let any coach of a baseball or a softball team manage it more effectively. Using this service it is very easy to keep track of every game that the team has played and the resulting stats, while managing practices is done in an equally intuitive manner.

Of course, managing the roster and the lineup for each and every match is also taken care of in a painless way, and the whole team can be scheduled on the spot.

As every other web-based app around, this one is accessible from anywhere a computer that can connect to the internet is available. This includes both PCs and Macs, and data is automatically backed up when you modify it. Fixes are likewise handled with no input on you side – they are implemented automatically.

This service is provided for a set yearly fee. You can, however, give it a free try before in order to see if its batting average is what you were looking for, or if you will have to keep on looking around for better alternatives.

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More – Having Clear Business Goals

  • March 4, 2010

EntrepreneursSource.comIf you are going to start a business of your own, it is vital setting your sight in the right places to begin with – IE, something that is within grasp and within your comprehension. Knowing your meat and your potatoes is the only way of starting down the entrepreneurial path.

That is, you must not think about B, C, D and E if only A is within your immediate reach and understanding. The problem is that doing such a thing is not easy. It is hard to separate what you can achieve from what you eventually hope to achieve, for the simple reason that positive thinking (a pivotal part of an impresario’s mind) always leaves you standing one step beyond the starting line.

That is where this service comes in. We could term it a virtual coaching application that will have you answer a couple of personal and professional questions in order to show you exactly what you intend to attain through business ownership. More importantly, the virtual coach will individualize the type of investment that would best suit your needs and lead to your professional realization.

In the end, not everybody will have what it takes for becoming a successful businessman. If they are not ready, a site like this one will let them know and save them the waste of effort and resources.

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More – A Network Solely For Athletes

  • February 19, 2010

BeyondSportsNetwork.comBeyond Sports Network is a networking site that is solely geared towards athletes, coaches, scouts and agents. The idea is to let all these communicate without having to filter through the general population, and freeing them from having to deal with clutter of any kind.

In other words: friends, family and fans are not allowed to join the network and participate in the conversations, for the reason that they would only generate noise. This network is meant for professional uses, not for merely expressing support for this or that athlete as a fan would do.

This social site, then, will let athletes promote themselves and put their names across in a bid to reach the pro levels. For its part, agents and coaches can keep an eye out on emerging talent and start building nurturing relationships at an early stage.

Of course, the profiles that can be created will come complete with detailed stats and a full playing history .When it comes to the actual media that can be shared on the site, this includes images and videos showcasing notable plays and professional achievements. If you create a free account you will be able to upload only one video highlight, though. To have unlimited video uploading capabilities you must pick a paid plan – both monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

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More – A Social Site For Athletes

  • February 17, 2010

BragStats.comIn a nutshell, we can say that BragStats is a social resource that is aimed at athletes. The idea is to let them to record their biographical information along with their professional stats, and share them with the world at large.

Upon doing so, they will be able to befriend not only sports enthusiasts but also other athletes, and create a true social and professional circle as a result.

The site is open to individuals of all ages, and there are four main groups: “Juniors” (ages 6-12), “Varsity” (high school), “Pro/Elite” (collegiate+) and “Weekend Warriors” (adults 18+). The site will also let coaches create their very own profiles, and all basic accounts come at no cost.

Once an account has been created, the user can socialize in all the usual ways and keep his family and friends posted on his whereabouts and upcoming activities. All the usual media can be shared, and training blogs can be kept.

Finally, note that you can also come up with a “Fan” profile if you are not an athlete yourself but rather someone who wants to offer his support for this or that athlete. These accounts can be created by families, too – it is a great way to raise awareness about any star that is rising in your ranks.

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More – For Soccer Fans All Over The World

  • January 14, 2010

ScorePage.comAs its name implies, ScorePage provides live scores for soccer games taking place throughout the world. The site also includes tables for leagues so that you can put everything in context, and comprehensive rankings along with statistics are likewise featured.

In that way, you can lean most everything about recent matches and see the way any given team is going at a glance. You can see how teams that are playing have fared against each other in the past, and who might have a bit of a headstart historically.

When it comes to major soccer games, you are also provided with detailed information on specific incidents. For example, you get to see the time that a goal was scored and who scored the goal, who took the penalty and donkeyed it over the bar, who took that free kick and hit the post… Information such as yellow cards and red cards are likewise provided, all in real time.

If final place, the site includes comprehensive news on soccer, and all major leagues are already included. If you want to learn more about transfers and whether or not that coach you loathe has his days numbered, you will be able to figure it out through the site.

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Be A Baseball Coach

  • October 22, 2009

Be A Baseball Coach -YouthBaseballBlog.Blogspot.comBeing a good coach is not always an easy task to accomplish. In fact, there are some special individuals that seem to be made in order to coach others but not all of us have that talent. In case you want to learn more about how you can develop coaching skills in order to help your youth baseball team improving its performance this is going to be a good blog for you to look over.

On this blog you will find valuable data provided to you by a parent, coach and administrator with more than 10 years as in youth baseball leagues. You are going to learn more about these matters at

Be A Baseball Coach

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A Good Soccer Coach –

  • September 2, 2009

A Good Soccer CoachSoccer is such a wonderful game that is considered as the main sport in the world. There are different blogs where you can get all the figures and numbers of the most important players in the world.

However, there are not many websites where you have access to information written by a coach and for coaches. This blog is written by a Brazilian soccer consultant that has international experience working in different clubs and nationals all over the world.

On this blog you will find the European and Brazilian way of training as well as other interesting data that will help you to plan, systematize, and carry out effective coaching sessions. A Good Soccer Coach

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Achieve A Healthy Weight –

  • August 26, 2009

Achieve A Healthy Weight“We are what we eat” I really do not remember who is the author of this assertion but I believe that it is true. Nutrition is a very important part of our life, determining if we remain healthy or not most of the time.

In case you have any question related to nutrition or diet, this is going to be an attractive blog for you to take a look at.

Laurie Beebe is a registered dietitian with more than 25 years of experience. She has been certified in adult weight management and personal coaching and gives you her ideas and experience about how to eat better and preserve a healthy weight. In case you are experiencing any health or weight problems you should give this blog a visit an ask your inquiries at Achieve A Healthy Weight

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More – Management Tool For Amateur Teams

  • August 12, 2009

UnifySport.comUnifySport is a new resource that hopes to become the amateur sports site bar none in the United Kingdom. It enables coaches to manage every team-related activity on the spot – picking subs, tracking fines, and interacting with players as a whole.

It also lets them take care of issues such as arranging transportation for abroad games and the like.

As it is mandatory nowadays, social networking features such as the ability to share media are fully accounted for. Photos and videos can be uploaded this way, and tactics can be discussed more easily as a result. The team and the whole team are brought together, and match reports can be analyzed minutely in order to improve the performance of the team.

The ultimate aim of the website is to “become a sort mixture of SkySports News/Championship Manager/Top Trumps for amateur sports teams”. Will it succeed or not? Will it be able to recreate the feeling of that pint once the game has ended? I advice you to pay it a visit at the provided address in order to arrive at your own conclusions.

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