More – An Auction Site With A Cooperative Touch

  • December 7, 2009

Gobidit.comGobidit is defined by its creator as “a co-op online webmall offering no listing fees and no bidding fees”. That is exactly true, and it also offers a wealth of tools that can be employed for publicizing any item that is listed there such as free widgets for blogging and social network marketing.

Besides, free video uploading is accounted for each item that you list. This means that is perfectly possible to have a sort of mini ad for each one of your featured items. All the usual payment gateways are fully supported.

When it comes to the actual types of auctions that are featured these include both Dutch and fixed auctions along with the famous “buy it now” model that was popularized by eBay. Speaking of eBay, Gobidit even makes it possible for you to link from your custom store front with your own URL to your already existing eBay site.

The company itself charges a small membership fee and a low commission of 3.5% every thirty days. There are no upfront fees to start selling, and there are no commission fees either. If the item was not sold the first time around there are no relisting fees. And the co-op concept means that members get a commission return at the end of the year. Finally, it is important to stress that the site is absolutely free to use during the current beta period. That is, no membership fees and no commissions for 6 months.

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More – Stay In Tune With Your Workers

  • October 22, 2008“Join the Co-op” is the tagline of this new web-based endeavor that enables anybody to stay in touch with his co-workers. Through this application it is possible to ask questions, share knowledge and update the existing agendas all in the same spot and with the utmost ease.

The site includes examples that showcase these services. For instance, a section titled “What are we working on?” explains how co-workers can stay connected in an unobtrusive way, whereas another section which goes by the name of “What is in our agenda today?” provides insight into how daily agendas can be shared in order to coordinate efforts. Lastly, the manner in which Co-op enables its users to track time is described under the “What did we work on yesterday?” banner.

You must sign up in order to “join the co-op”. This process comes at no cost, and it is dealt with by providing your personal particulars along with profile and contact information.

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More – A Studying Opportunity In Detroit

  • April 17, 2008

Udmercy.eduDo you want to study, but don’t know what or where? At you can find very valuable information about the University of Detroit Mercy and all its academic programs.

The University of Detroit Mercy offers to its students challenging academic programs supplemented by hands-on research, co-op, and internship opportunities. It has approximately 100 academic programs including architecture, psychology, business, nursing, teacher education, engineering, and more. The co-op program will show you how to get paid, professional experience, in businesses and institutions. If there is not a co-op program in your field, you don’t have to worry because UDM will help you find an internship or research project, or help you study abroad. The website is very complete. It has Information about the University, information about the campuses, maps, directions, information about the president, and founders. If you attend to UDM but you are not from Detroit, this website gives you some tips that you can find very useful when going out in the city.

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